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  1. What might these be?

    Hey everyone, Thanks for all the feedback! To help add context to the first bird, it was taken in an area that has been set as a wildlife reserve so there could be a chance of non-native wildlife there, it wouldn't be the first I've seen. The owl was sitting in an old barn-like structure. Unfortunately these were on my old hard drive which I do not have plugged in at the moment so this picture is the only one I have access to. I was told that 8. was a Broad-Winged hawk, what are the key differences between these and the Swainson's? Thank you
  2. What might these be?

    Hello! I am a brand new user to these forums however I have frequented them many times before and found useful answers. I have put together photos of birds that I have taken but not 100% sure on what they might be. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I try to figure out what they are! 1. This owl photo was taken during the fall in southern Ontario 2. Taken in northern Montana last summer 3. Taken during the same time as the previous one, also in northern Montana 4. These two were photographed last summer in southern Saskatchewan, I had seen many prairie falcons but these looked more like broadwing hawk? 5. A couple of years ago in Maryland, unfortunately I couldn't get a better picture before it took off! 6. This one I've always been curious about, these were taken in western British Columbia two years ago, is it a blue heron? 7. This was taken last year in British Columbia 8. Another hawk? Taken on the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border 9. This was last year in British Columbia as well, I imagine it's a red tailed hawk but I would like to be sure! Please let me know if there's anything else that might help in confirming these! Thank you.