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  1. Utah in Early June

    In early June, I will be heading to southern UT, Zion National Park area, and I was wondering where I could pick up some birds that I could not normally find where I live in Northern California. I was planning on stopping at Lytle Ranch Preserve for Brown-crested Flycatcher and some vireos, but I don't have much else planned out. does anyone have any good places for Grace's/Lucy's/Virginia's Warbler? Crissal Thrasher, Scott's Oriole and Black-tailed Gnatcatcher are some other targets of mine. Any help in finding some reliable spots for these would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Not Sure

    Northern Shrike seems right to me
  3. Warbler and Falcon South Florida

    I agree with Creeker
  4. ?? Gray & Brown Bird

    Agree with BRBL
  5. hummingbird ID please

    Nevermind, out of range for Broad-billed.
  6. hummingbird ID please

    Broad-billed, I think. the blue on the throat and lack of yellow on belly and orange on back make it a Broad-billed not buff-bellied?
  7. Bird calls today in Augusta, GA

    I agree with psweet that the second one seems a little fast for a Least Bittern, but the calls of Bitterns can really vary in speed (I find that NPOWs vary tons, too), maybe check out local records from your area on eBird? I can't help much with the first one, sorry.
  8. Crouching bird, hidden sparrow

    I politely disagree. I believe that there is plenty to ID here. This is my thought process: First, the sparrow was seen in Ohio, so I will use the list of all know sparrow to occur in Ohio at least more than 5 times. First, the sparrow has a streaky back, getting rid of Fox and Black-throated (very unlikely). Next, the back of the bird is a majoriy very even, rich brown. This gets rid of American Tree, Field, Grasshopper, Henslow's, Nelson's, Vesper. Next we can see a little bit of gray in the middle of back, but just a little in the very middle upper back. Too little grey on the back to be Song, and we get rid of Swamp, Zonos (besides Harris's but what are the chances), Lark, Savannah, LeConte's (rare). At this point we have gotten rid of everything, but we can confirm Lincoln's more with a few other features. The middle back is streaky, and the showing wind feathers end with a black spot, but the rest are grey. If you really blow the pic up, you can see the streaks on the back thin out but continue onto the neck, and that the brown lightens up as it approaches the breast. Therefore my verdict is Lincoln. Also taking into the fact that this bird was skulking and deep in grass, that further backs up Lincoln. Hope this helps!
  9. Bendire's or curved bill Thrasher

    Looks like a Bendire's to me!
  10. Crouching bird, hidden sparrow

    Lincoln's Sparrow seems right, especially considering that you have described it as pretty elusive (and looks that way, too).
  11. long-billed Curlew or Whimbrel

    Whimbrel for me based on length and shape of bill, and the bill is unicolored.
  12. California ID

    I think Warbling and Anna's
  13. Hawk

    I updated my answer, I believe both are most likely RTHA. While the first bird is a little more tricky, if it was a light RLHA, the head should be much lighter and tail should have a large gradient, black at the bottom to white at the top bands. Although, due to how tattered the tail feathers are, the bird could easily have just lost the black band.
  14. Hawk

    Second looks Red-tailed, first looks Rough-legged. Edit: I spoke too quickly, first bird is an immature Red-tailed, head too dark for Rough-legged.
  15. finches

    In agreement with kitty346