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  1. Dove, pigeon, or a cross?!?!

    Oh (#2). I see. I WAS applying what I knew as a kid, say, growing up in Los Angeles, when I posted the photo, and ... I was just making some gross assumptions!! Thank you!! Now I know. And now I'll have to look for others! LOL As a North American in Lima, the bird's looks just stopped me in my tracks.
  2. Oh. NORTH American identification. Well ... maybe folks would like to offer an opinion nonetheless?!? I took these two photos today, Monday, April 16, 2018. Alas, in Lima, Peru. The bird was just so strange-looking, at least to my eye. He or she is a cross, no?!? Between a dove and a pigeon?!?! I'm assuming that happens occasionally. (Yeah, I could research it but I'd rather hear everyone's opinion. 'More fun that way.) The dove part of this equation--for me--is that I recently lived in Oaxaca, Mexico, for 6 months and saw thousands of small doves there. And this bird reminds me a lot of those--except for his size. BTW, he appears (in real life) to be the size of an everyday pigeon.