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  1. Thank you all for your help, I was definitely thinking either Eastern Phoebe or Eastern Kingbird. I looked out the window this morning and the mom was back and forth feeding them. Psweet, I think your right. My ex wife had a big Maine Coon Cat and I’m beginning to wonder if it got them when they were trying to fledge. The walls don’t seem to bother them. The mother is using it as a perch to stand on and feed them.
  2. Thank you creeker. Can you help me with IDing the bird ?
  3. These birds are in Piedmont, AL photo was taken April 16, 2018. Nest is built on top of a column on my front porch. Last year all the babies fell out of the nest and died. So today I just took two small pieces of cardboard and placed around the nest to keep babies from falling. Should I take them down or is it ok to leave the small walls around the nest ? Also, can anyone help me identify the type of bird this is ?