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  1. Thank you HamRHead! I still can not find a picture of one that is as black as the ones I have here but I'm certain it has to be the kingbird.
  2. Thank you to all that replied. Yes, I looked it up and I'm sure that is what it is. It's strange because I don't remember ever seeing this bird before and it seems to be a pretty common bird. The ones that are here are very black; much more black then the picture in the books. Beautiful! One more question. My book shows their summer range, do you know where their winter and maybe year round range is?
  3. Does anyone know what bird this is? It is all black (might have white belly) with a black beak and I believe black legs. I have never seen it here before. I live in the sandhills of North Carolina which is middle south of the state. It is about as big as a robin but slimmer. Thank you for the help. I have looked in all my bird books and can't find it.