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  1. Sounds like a good plan, to me. I guess you might end up with a standalone Android Sleuth app for those who want it, but don't want to purchase iBird pro, and ideally, an integrated Sleuth upgrade for existing iBird pro owners. Whatever direction you take, I'm looking forward to the new capability. I have some picture of birds that I need to identify.
  2. I could be happy with either, but I prefer the concept of having Sleuth as an added, purchased feature integrated into iBird. That would allow me to identify birds from photos, review them in the same database, and then add them to my Favorites directly within the same app. I think having iBird and iBird Sleuth side-by-side on my mobile, and popping back and forth between them would be a bit confusing. The only downside I can see to an integrated feature, would be possible new customer reaction to purchasing the app, and then being confronted with a request to spend more for the added feature.
  3. That is very interesting - to hear developer insights that I hadn't even considered. Very interesting, and thank you for that enlightenment. I had intended my post to be mostly tongue-in-check, and even tried to add an emoji to imply that, but the emoji choices that displayed left me confused, so I avoided it. I'm not really worked up over the delay, but I am really looking forward to the release on Android. I guess I'm the exception to the rule that Android owners won't pay for apps - I prefer apps that are likely to be supported in the future, and I hate ads getting in the way of content, so I am more than happy to pay a few buck to support high quality apps such as iBird.
  4. I got pretty excited when I read about Sleuth in your email today. If it works as described, I'm definitely in, or I would have been, except that after some digging, I discovered that I can't get it for my Android phone - yet. I always wonder why app developers tend to issue their iPhone versions first, but I know you come from that legacy, so I won't get too cranky about it. I wouldn't be so crass as to mention that Android currently owns about 87% of the mobile phone market, vs. about 12% iPhone. I'm looking forward to the Android version, so please Firm up that date soon, and make it available to that other 87%.