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  1. Based on the pictures, I'm about 75 percent sure it was a brown thrasher. (can't speak to confirming details about the beak etc as I didn't get close enough to see.) Unless another bird has a stripe down the wing like the thrasher, I'll take it - thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone - Sorry for the lack of picture, this happened too fast for me to think to get one. I just walked a lap around the building where I work (east of NYC) and saw a bird I haven't seen around here before - hoping you can help me figure out what it is. Roughly the size of a Northern mockingbird, as I've seen plenty of those around here. It would run, as opposed to hop, to try to get away from me. I'd say the color was roughly tan/khaki, nothing remarkable about the head from what I could see. One of the most striking features, though, was when it finally did fly, there was a white streak down the wing. Where NMs have them across the wing, this ran the length. Hopefully this is enough to go on - thoughts? Thanks in advance.