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  1. Northern Shrike?

    Psweet, do you mean Midewin National Tall Grass Prairie, near Wilmington, Illinois. I have seen one in the past.
  2. I'll third Costa's Hummingbird, also it's a male.
  3. Slate Junco ?

    Yes Dark-eyed Junco Slate-colored.
  4. Western or Eastern Meadowlark?

    Where was this photo taken. My guess Eastern Meadowlark.
  5. South TX: Verdin?

    With that yellow head, and that gray under belly. Yes, a Verdin.
  6. Yes, Gray Catbird. Yet, I have not seen one at any of my feeders before.
  7. Pretty sure it's a Warbler, not familiar with winter plumage. OK , with that white rump, I"ll agree with Pine Warbler.
  8. Pair of Greater Scaup?

    That was my thought also, hoping someone else would take the lead.
  9. Mystery Sandpiper

    Where was this photo taken. To me it appears to be a Willet. You can post as much as you like.
  10. Grey Bird with Black Face in Central Arizona

    Nicolas Forestell you can be 100% positive it's an Abert's Towhee, believe me, I made the same mistake at first!
  11. What is this Black Bird?

    I agree with akiley a Boat-tailed Crackle would have a much longer tail, compared to the Common Grackle's tail.
  12. Grey Bird with Black Face in Central Arizona

    BBC DamianKaelGreen here's a photo, I took a couple of years ago of a Abert's Towhee it's more buffy brown rather then grey.
  13. Purple Finch?

    I agree with HamRHead. Nice.
  14. More Desert Birds

    I believe #1 is a Abert's Towhee.