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  1. domestic duck

  2. domestic duck

    I am assuming this is a domestic duck hybrid. Am I correct? Can someone give me more details of its makeup.
  3. What small birds

    Thank you very much.
  4. What small birds

    Near Tampa Florida 1. 2.
  5. I am not good at ducks

    Thanks Sean.
  6. What raptor

    Thanks Geoff and Gis!
  7. What raptor

    Early this morning - sitting on a telephone wire. Massachusetts, near the coast
  8. black or yellow crowned night heron

    Thank you for your information!
  9. I was on the road looking at a night roost. I saw 2 adults that were definitely black-crowned night herons but this juvenile seems to be a yellow-crowned. I am not sure, however, so I would like opinions.
  10. Can you confirm (or not) if these are buff-breasted sandpipers? Massachusetts coast 8/25
  11. sandpiper?

    Thanks psweet and Gis.
  12. sandpiper?

    This was on the New England shore.
  13. 4 loons getting along

    For the past 12 years I have been going to a pond to see a pair of loons. Some years nesting fails, other years chicks are born around now. The pond has always supported just one pair. I went to the pond for the first time this year this morning. I saw no evidence of nesting but saw a pair of adults. It is not uncommon for nests to be destroyed by high water from rains but I thought they might try again. After watching them for 45 minutes another pair flew in landing near the first pair. From all my experience on this pond there should have been a fight over territory. I have witnessed these fight several times in the past. However, all 4 loons got along, spending 45 minutes a few feet from each other. The only explanation I have is that perhaps they were all males. I find this less than satisfactory as I have always seen a male and female on htis pond. DOes anyone else have explanations?
  14. 2 migrating birds

    Thanks NobleBunny. I appreciate it.