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  1. Lincoln's or Savannah?

    Thanks all!
  2. wood stork

  3. Lincoln's or Savannah?

    Thanks again. I'll try to remember to post photos (video frame shots) before enhancing them!
  4. Lincoln's or Savannah?

    Thanks! I love shots when the bird is looking right at me!
  5. Lincoln's or Savannah?

    OK, thanks!
  6. Lincoln's or Savannah?

    It seems duller to me than the Song Sparrows I see. How about this frame shot, which isn't enhanced as the others are?
  7. Lincoln's or Savannah?

    Thanks. I'd appreciate it if you could you give me the identifier(s).
  8. New York City, Nov. 9, 2017 I'm stil confused by the Savannah and Lincoln's Sparrows. I *think* this is a Lincoln's because the coloring seems buffy. (Not sure if this was one bird or two. These are video-frame shots.) Thanks, Kami
  9. NYC, mid-October 2017. My immediate observation was a Chipping Sparrow. My White Balance was off that day. The video was much redder, so I toned down the color. Now I'm not so sure about my ID. Would appreciate feedback, thanks. Kami
  10. Black-bellied Plover?

    I agree, a Black-bellied Plover in winter plumage.
  11. Thanks, much appreciated. And good to know. I've seen and recognized Phoebes here, but the lighting really fooled me this time.
  12. Oct. 17, NYC. House Sparrow size. The bird was sunlit, thus loss of breast detail, and color is probably off. Thanks in advance for any replies. (I haven't been getting notifications of replies, so don't get back right away.) Kami .