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  1. What Bird Calls "waa, waa?"

    No where close.
  2. What Bird Calls "waa, waa?"

    Okay ... definitely not one of those. I played the calls and it isn't at all like that. If I could see it that would be great, but having walked all over the neighborhood it is just not possible to see where it comes from. Too many wooded areas with no access at all. It is louder than crows that are right by me. If you think of a Chinese cooking wok, it sounds like it is saying "wok, wok" like you would, but it carries. At first I wondered if it was a cuckoo that didn't say that <joking> but if you have heard one of those you know that it calls in a rhythmic, kind of annoying way. This bird does that. It is louder than all of the other birds, and further away. The voice is clear. I am still trying to see it!
  3. What Bird Calls "waa, waa?"

    Also, meant to include that it could sound like "wha, wha".
  4. I cannot see this bird. Every day lately I hear "waa, waa". It sounds trance-like and very loud (it carries from a far distance very loudly). I am near Birmingham, Alabama. The bird makes this call one time and then is quiet for many minutes. About 15 minutes may pass and again it calls, but only the same call, as though you were counting one, two. I'll try to find it and see it if possible.