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  1. Confirm Yellow-rumped...and what duck?

    Thank you much Tony!
  2. Confirm Yellow-rumped...and what duck?

    OK, thanks for the ID, and Happy New Year y'all!!
  3. Is the first a Yellow-rumped Warbler? And the duck...is it a Gadwall? They still resemble female Mallards to me. Both taken yesterday in SW Idaho. Thanks! #1 #2
  4. What Gull?

    Great, thank you!
  5. What Gull?

    This was from SW Idaho last week. Thanks!
  6. Is this a Lesser Scaup? And what's with the 'cat-eye', is this common? (Two weeks ago in SW Idaho) Thanks.
  7. Both Ring-billed?

    Thanks all!
  8. Both Ring-billed?

    Even though these two look quite different in color and eyes, are they both Ring-billed Gulls? This is from two weeks ago in SW Idaho. Thank you!
  9. Bufflehead and California Gull?

    Great, thank you!
  10. It can't be seen in the photo but the gull has a very light reddish spot on it's lower bill behind the black area. And is that a Bufflehead as well? This is from SW Idaho last week. Thanks!
  11. Duck ID

    Well, nobody noticed those 'teeth' or that serrated tongue when we were in front of this guy and most didn't pay much attention to him at the time. But you should have heard the comments after seeing this photo on the computer!
  12. Duck ID

    On the same topic, even though it's not a 'grin patch', I thought I'd post one that shows some goose 'teeth'...
  13. Please help with Duck ID

    Thank you much!
  14. Please help with Duck ID

    Thank you. Is this an adult, due to the smaller size? I mean are the adults normally smaller than Mallards?
  15. This was from today in SW Idaho. It was quite smaller than the Mallards.