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  1. Confirm Kestrel?

    I didn't know that, thanks!
  2. Confirm Kestrel?

    Thank you much!
  3. Confirm Kestrel?

    My guess is an American Kestrel?
  4. Magnolia Warbler?

    Great! Thank you for the correction.
  5. Magnolia Warbler?

    Is this a Magnolia Warbler? This is from SW Idaho.
  6. What duck?

    Help ID this duck, please. (from SW Idaho) Edited: Is this a Wigeon?
  7. Please ID

    Thanks! I haven't seen a juvenile before!
  8. Please ID

    Help needed to ID this fella (SW Idaho). Thanks!
  9. Help with ID from SW Idaho

    This was taken just outside of Boise, ID...in the Nampa area.
  10. Help with ID from SW Idaho

    Awesome, thank you!
  11. Need help to ID this guy:
  12. Cedar Waxwing??

    The light bulb clicks Thanks much!
  13. Cedar Waxwing??

    I know there are other waxwings and the coloring is throwing me off, but there were a number of them in the area that day. SW Idaho. Thanks!
  14. Help ID this duck?

    There were a couple of other Wood Ducks that I recognized but the coloring of this one didn't look like the others or what I'm used to, so I just had a smidgeon of doubt. Thanks for the ID!
  15. Help ID this duck?

    First time I saw one like this here in SW Idaho. This is the best photo I could get since he disappeared when I tried to get around the reeds. Thanks all!