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  1. What is it?

    South GA. Only thing I could think of was a cormorant, because I've never seen an anhinga.
  2. What is it?

    Bad pic from a friend. What am I looking at?
  3. I LOVE pileateds! I saw three this morning, but they were too far away to get any good pics. These are from last January.
  4. Back in May, I posted that someone deliberately ran over and killed several of the local "Walmart geese." I don't know where that post went. The date is still there, but the content is empty. I don't think anyone was ever caught. I wish I would have caught him. Anyway, I wanted to update that some geese have come back to the pond. I went by there the other day and counted at least 20. Happy New Year, geese! Be happy!
  5. Soo I guess I haven't been here in awhile, but at least my bluebirds are still around. I have no idea how to navigate the forums now.
  6. Kaysei's Korner

  7. White Dove?

    A few weeks ago I saw this guy/gal hanging out with some 'parking lot pigeons'. I've never seen one 'in the wild'.
  8. Grosbeak?

    I saw one the other day.
  9. Yeahhhh I think it's a little early to be thinking about another nest!
  10. Wet Bird

    These were taken at a park several weeks ago. This hawk didn't seem to mind the rain at all. He was pretty close to me, but I didn't have any lunch left to share.
  11. Squirrel Problem

    Baffles don't work for me. The squirrels climb the poles under them, then get up on top of them, and they eventually break. Cayenne pepper doesn't work either. The squirrels here will eat anything and everything. I've seen them sitting in my mealworm feeders like they were on a ride at the fair.
  12. Do You Have Woodpeckers?

    I have lots of Red-Bellied and Downys. I LOVE the Pileateds, but they prefer the neighbors' yards. They have visited me sometimes but not often. I hardly ever see the Red-headed here, but there's plenty of them about 20-30 minutes from me.
  13. In Flight

  14. Baby .... ?

    Thanks! That was my first thought. I never knew the babies had some blue. There were plenty of mockingbirds in the area where I saw him.