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  1. Red-bellied Woodpecker from my work parking lot yesterday.
  2. Thank you. Keep looking! One day you'll see one - the trick is to have the camera at arm's length.
  3. I shot my first owl yesterday evening! Getting an owl picture has been my photography goal for 2017. Here it is November and I had only seen one all year and no pictures to show for it. Yesterday close to evening my son landed his quad-copter in a pine tree. This Barred Owl flew in and perched right next to it, investigating the flashing lights, I suppose. It then flew and perched about 8 feet off the ground in a small hardwood and allowed me to get fairly close for a few pictures. The light was failing so I cranked the ISO, and exposed to the right to compensate for the backlight of the sky behind him. It's my first owl and I'm ecstatic!!
  4. Culprit

    ID in Virginia, Please

    When I try that, I only get the option to Copy URL. There is no option to get BBCode. This is on the Flickr iPhone app. Thank you, though.
  5. Culprit

    ID in Virginia, Please

    Thank you! PS: how can I post pictures so the picture shows up instead of a link? I know how to use img tags on other forums, but that isn't working here. Or maybe because I'm trying to use Flickr since Picasa isn't supported anymore.
  6. ID, please? This week in Quantico, Virginia overlooking the Potomac River. https://flic.kr/p/WMpucd
  7. Is this a mockingbird from an angle I'm not used to seeing them, or something else? Quantico, Virginia this week in a dead Sycamore overlooking the Potomac River.
  8. Culprit

    Confirm Green Heron Please

    Thank you, thank you!