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    Dont be surprised if it isnt just a bird recording like a Peregrine falcon call, used to keep the messy pigeons and gulls birds away.. they got me once
  2. Behavior help as well as ID

    Ahh, maybe shaking off sand fleas
  3. Lesser Scaup? Please help verify.

    Comments and Criticism, I assume on image quality
  4. Behavior help as well as ID

    looks like ospreys and other birds when shaking water off... whats the green stuff algea? maybe trying to dump that stuff off by shaking
  5. This is a definate Sharpie right?

    Ok thx didnt want them to think Iwas nuts
  6. Please help confirm this ID

    Should be lots of them in NJ too...
  7. The person that took it had it listed as coopers, and I corrected him, but he still thinks it might be a coopers, and other birders that saw it IDed it as coopers too.. to me its a plain out no doubt Sharpie, but I have been wrong before pouncing sharp-shinned hawk by ricardo00, on Flickr
  8. At a lost to ID

    A bit small to tell but zooming in it looks like an eastern phoebe to me..
  9. Duck

    Oh boy I forgot to look at Scaups! I knew it was familiar.. been a while since they been around.. thanks
  10. Duck

    This one is just not coming to me.. was swimming away and into the sun... today Mid Hudson Valley NY
  11. Loon

    Thanks I was pretty sure.. I think its a lifer
  12. Loon

    Is this possibly a red throated Loon or just a common, I dont see them enough to tell.. RT would be a rare one loon.jpg by Jim, on Flickr
  13. New guy needs help again

    create a gallery on this site
  14. Confirm Cape MAy Warbler

    thanks.. Finally seeing a few warblers.. seems so late this fall
  15. I think I have this one right capemaywarbler-2.jpg by Jim, on Flickr capemaywarbler.jpg by Jim, on Flickr