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  1. Confirm/ID

    LOL. I know I have seen some goshawks, but no picture ever and your right no one believes me without a pic and even I dont believe me without a pic so I never marked it off
  2. Hawk ID

    Tail is wrong for broad winged
  3. Coopers

    I was sure this was a Sharpie when it flew over, but now I have doubts... what say you interestingly it soared right over a bunch of WT sparrows and titmice that were feeding on the ground and those birds did not scatter at all, I have noticed when the hawks have a full crop or has a bird in talons that the other birds seem not to be concerned as much.. I wonder how they know Sharpshinnedhawk.jpg by Jim, on Flickr coopershawk.jpg by Jim, on Flickr
  4. Rough-legged?

    keep looking they seem to be on the move now...
  5. Big juvenile Cooper's? Juvie Red-Tailed?

    on sites like that the bet way to get URL is to open the image, right click and select copy image location which would be this you can also do this in the gallerys on this site.. for those that dont have any site to up[load to and are out of upload space here
  6. Pintails?

    Ahh OK.. that explains why it is so much bigger, or seems to be
  7. Hawk ID help

    I have seen red tails having hard time getting a squirrel off the ground. I assume the squirrels in NJ are as big as ours.. unless it was a baby squirrel I would say thats a fake
  8. Pintails?

    all I can think of for the second and third birds from left with the mallards
  9. Gull at jersey shore in December

    thats a herring gull, look at those pink feet
  10. momma should be called a short tailed duck
  11. Gull

    Not sure about this one, just a 3rrd winter herring?
  12. Red-shouldered Hawk?

    Yeah I guess your right, pics are pretty small and zooming in I see the underside pattern better.. but boy our red shouldered dont have bright white lines on wings like that.. Usually can just make out the crescent with some back lighting, but again maybe just the lighting and distance
  13. Red-shouldered Hawk?

    I am not so sure it is red shouldered.. body is so thin, the black tips to wings and that white is so bright on top and bottom, kind of reminds me of a young male harrier but maybe its just the lighting
  14. Blue Goose

    Thanks thought so, but havent seen one before.. we dont get them here often other than the huge flocks flying over at 5000 feet quite a few on the move the lats few days and all night long I hear them
  15. Blue Goose

    Blue Morph snow goose or just a canada mixed in? they are flying by in hordes last few days SnowGeese-3.jpg by Jim, on Flickr