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  1. baldy


    Dom. Muscovy Duck
  2. baldy

    Who is this guy?

    I see an olive-sided flycatcher! But, wait for more opinions/confirmations!
  3. baldy

    dowitchers -- long or short billed?

    Yes on Dowitchers.
  4. baldy

    confirm northern harrier

    Yes - the elusive male, congratulations!
  5. baldy

    Shorebirds ID Please

    Here is what I see/think! #1. Willet #2. Western Sandpiper (hope those are not muddy feet!) #3. Dowitchers (short-billed may be!) #4. Little more confident that this is a short-billed dowitcher (based on profile and bill) #5. ???? (sorry there!) #6. Least Sandpiper However, I suggest that you wait for more opinions/confirmations from pros!
  6. baldy

    Had no idea were to post this...

    There is a slew of software out there for re-sizing the images - MS Office Picture manager, Picasa, GIMP, IrfanView to name a few! However, I found the 'Gravatar' option very handy - no headache about right resolution, size, etc., just upload the image and crop it to your liking, it would do the rest! EDIT: ThePurplePlatypus post explains it all better!
  7. baldy

    Birds of prey share yours

    I know the Gyrfalcon is the big brother of the Falcon family; but, that bird certainly is huge - looks bigger than a TUVU! Is that possible or am I just seeing things?! BTW, great shot, guy! Well, the fisherman was here and looks like he/she can easily win a stare down contest!
  8. baldy

    Please Help ID This One

    cabirds: I thought the more immature, the yellower the eye, only developing to red in maturity? That's correct, and because of that I once incorrectly ID'd a Juv BCNH as Juv. GRHE. Lesson learned since then! Other marks to look for are the wing pattern/marking and the bill. FWIW, here is a Juv. Green Heron
  9. baldy

    Please Help ID This One

    Imm. BCNH for sure - see the red colored eye!
  10. baldy

    First Lifers of 2012

    And the Aleutian Goose!