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  1. i dream of seeing a Hawfinch. because it would probably mean that i finally got to go to Alaska.
  2. how many miles??
  3. you should be able to get most of those shorebirds and terns at Bolsa Chica. if you miss any, you could also try San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary in Irvine, which could also be good for warblers and the Thrasher. The closest place to L.A. area for White-headed Woodpecker that i can think of might be Chilao campground. you would also find Oak Titmouse and Mountain Chickadee there.
  4. awesome! and funny too. your *poor* photos are pretty much the quality of my usual photos. ha. and falling off a cliff is one of my greatest fears! i'm glad no one was hurt. i have not been to Oaxaca but i've driven thru some scary mountains in central Mexico on narrow roads with no guard rails, and trucks in front of you piled 20 feet high with furniture and stuff...yikes. once again i am amazed how you just show up to a spot and pick off most of your targets the first visit. it seems like i have to work so hard for every bird and try at least 2 or 3 times for each one. congratulations on a successful trip!
  5. it's still flooded though. if she's coming in 2 or 3 weeks it might not be passable yet.
  6. i have house sparrows a couple miles from my house too
  7. agree with brewer's blackbird, grackles have longer and sharper bills
  8. i guess i will leave it as unidentified, thank you all for your help though
  9. is this an iceland gull? or some kind of glaucous-winged hybrid? in Half Moon Bay, California, last week.
  10. what is the point of this?
  11. pelagics can be so unpredictable!
  12. so i'm up to 5 tries to see the Eastern Bell's Vireo in Oceanside. and of course today i did not go and it was found. but it is only 15 minutes away from me so i think i will try at least 10 more times before i give up. kinda silly for a bird that's not even a lifer unless they split them in the future.
  13. i agree with mottled duck except that i think it would be a female because of the orange bill, wouldn't a male have a greenish/yellow bill?
  14. lol i have a pic just like that
  15. eurasian tree sparrow! i suppose it won't be countable though...