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  1. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    added Parakeet Auklet!
  2. 2 from AZ

    ok, thanks!
  3. Congrats to Sam Murray

    wow. good job!
  4. 2 from AZ

    Southeast Arizona, at Ramsey Canyon
  5. What seabird? (Bad photo...)

    Surf Scoters
  6. SEAZ quick trip

    ok there's the Becard directions, when you get to the spot the sign is also posted on the tree about which branches to look for. this place is pretty shady so you can save it for the afternoon if you want. you really should do Florida canyon in the morning cause it is less shady. and so both nights (Thurs and Fri) i tried to head to Madera Canyon for the Elf Owls. and both night just after 7pm there was a torrential downpour and Thurs night also had lots of lightning!
  7. SEAZ quick trip

  8. SEAZ quick trip

    i've never spent the night at the lodge, i assumed it must be expensive. ok i went back and timed the Ramsey hike for you today. this is my return trip speed, not in a hurry but not stopping to really look at anything (and also mostly downhill lol). from visitor center to overlook 45 min from overlook to 1st stream crossing (tanager spot) 10 min from stream crossing to Tufted flycatcher 15 min (i didn't know it was closer now than when they first nested!) no flaming Tanager for me again! grrr. Tufted flycatcher was easy to see, she came off the nest and flitted around on the lower branches of trees and bushes every 10 or 15 min for the whole hour i was there. and Thank You Jesus no snakes today. i checked Pygmy Owl spot again but saw nothing. but you can check cause it's on the way: after you pass the overlook the trail is level for a bit then starts sloping downwards and is covered with small rocks. it stays straight for 50 or 100 yards i don't know i am terrible with distances. anyways then the trail does a couple twists around some big boulders, and right after this a ravine filled with big rocks crosses the trail. to the left some tall trees are growing in the middle of the ravine and maybe 25 -30 feet from the trail and that's where the man saw a pair of owls, but that was a month ago. i have the exact directions to the becards i can get it for you tomorrow or Sunday.
  9. SEAZ quick trip

    i believe it took me 1 &1/2 hours to get to Tufted Flycatcher spot a couple years ago so a fit person like you could prolly get there in less than an hour. it takes me 45 min to get to the Tanager spot and i think that's about halfway. (yep i don't get enough chances to go hiking so i'm slow). there are only like 3 or 4 hotels in Green Valley i stay at Comfort Inn on Esperanza.
  10. SEAZ quick trip

    oh also, don't forget that Ramsey Canyon is closed on Tuesdays
  11. SEAZ quick trip

    what a coincidence, i am here in SEAZ today and tomorrow. dipped on flame tanager a month ago. and so here i am again and i MAYBE saw it today, but i'm not counting it cause the looks were too brief. still debating trying again tomorrow. i considered continuing up the trail to the tufted flycatchers but then some people coming back down the trail said there was a black-tailed rattlesnake very close to the trail up there so i didn't go. but then another rattlesnake showed up right by the stream crossing so i decided it was time to go, besides, the thunderclouds were moving in. when i was here last month, a man showed me a place near the tanager spot where he saw 2 pygmy owls but of course they hid from me. and so i checked the spot again today and still nothing. it is halfway between the overlook and the stream crossing on the side of the trail opposite the creek. if you find a tyrannulet, i will be seethingly jealous because it's one of those birds that seems to be practically everywhere and i still have never seen one. you didn't mention the becards, but i went to that spot today (really just hoping for tyrannulet) and even though there is a sign stapled to the tree with directions how to find the nest, i still couldn't find it. Max who posts on here saw the elf owls at Santa Rita Lodge, he said you have to ask to be shown them. there is a gray hawk nest in miller canyon, just a little ways down from the parking lot at the top. have fun and good luck!
  12. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    wow. a code 3 yard bird. you must have a magic spell on your yard!
  13. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    you're a brat.
  14. lol. but i think he was saying *none* for the details.
  15. #ABArare

    i'm a little confused about the rarity codes. the ABA checklist shows Arctic Loon as a code 2, yet i keep seeing it on the rare bird alert. and i've seen other discrepancies, on the ABA blog thing where they report the rarities each week, sometimes the codes they show are different from the checklist. (they put Flame-colored Tanager as a 4 but the checklist says 3). and there are more that i can't recall at the moment.