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  1. look how quickly your wishes come true. a Cape May is waiting for you!
  2. thank you! me too!! i was expecting either.... them to stop taking people in before they got to me, or the bird to stop showing up. so i am pleasantly surprised and thrilled
  3. Frustrating Experiences with Non-birders!

    that could turn out longer than the Young birders thread!
  4. Frustrating Experiences with Non-birders!

    i told you the same thing! men never listen
  5. Pacific West

    holy cow. that looks pretty ambitious! what are your goals? to see the most species, to see ones we don’t have in San Diego, or just to get your kidlets interested in birds? near Vegas is Henderson Viewing Preserve, i beleive in summer it’s only open till noon or 1 cause it’s so hot. near SLC is Antelope Island, they have Chukars there. i haven’t been to Yellowstone, but i know Great Gray Owls have been seen there. Idaho Washington and Oregon are all good places to look for mountain birds like Gray Jays, crossbills, Black backed & 3 toed woodpeckers, grouse. in Oregon if you go down the coast, you could stop at Haystack Rock to see Tufted Puffins. for the last part, on the way back to San Diego, there are just sooo many places to stop. especially if you go along the coast. near Big Sur is a place called Condor viewing spot, where you can usually see one fly by in the afternoon. if you go down the 5 instead you could stop at Yolo bypass or Sacramento NWR. anyways, there are so many options i think you should try to pick a couple important ones, in case you don’t have as much time as you expected (what always happens to me).
  6. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    oh wait, do you mean today? you came down to San Diego today instead of being in HB
  7. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    Nazca booby was great, where else should you have been? are you still sad about the Citrine wagtail? and i won't be surprised if you get to be among the apparent elite few that get to try for the Tropical parula
  8. Challenge to all

    it’s his birthday? happy birthday!
  9. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    congratulations on your wagtail, you certainly are persistent!
  10. Eyeglasses with binoculars and / or cameras

    i think that it would waste way too much time taking my glasses on & off. and if i put them on a cord i would have 3 things hanging off of my neck, camera, binoculars, glasses. and anyways, i like them for the glare (i have prescription sunglasses that are not very dark so i can still use them going from sun to shade). but i do hurt myself sometimes by jamming the binoculars against my glasses when i’m in a hurry, which then jams my glasses onto my face. also i have problems with my glasses fogging up when it’s humid. so yeah, i wish i could see without them but i can’t.
  11. Group of Miscellaneous Birds

    not completely sure, but i believe i can see a couple of Lesser goldfinches and a Western Bluebird, and maybe a Cedar Waxwing (the bird on the left looks like it has a yellow tipped tail)
  12. Major Dips in 2017

    wow. so you went. well i have to say, of the 2 possibilities --going and not seeing it, or --not going and then others saw it and you missed your chance, the second one always feels worse!
  13. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    got some pics of a white speck with a little black and pink on it. aka Nazca booby as seen from 1/2 mile away!
  14. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    well i did go down there. and if i’d gone straight to Caribe park like i planned, then i would have got there about the same time as the guy who refound it. but noooo, i decided after the negative reports that i would go fool around Fiesta Island and look for the short-eared owls while i waited for OTHERS to refind it. and of course i also assumed they would post promptly if they did. and so i made yet another bad decision! and also realized i am a lazy birder! never found the owls, either. had to leave before dusk but tomorrow i am off so i hope to try again.
  15. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    there is parking all along both sides of the street outside the complex (Portofino Dr). the place is very small, basically just a loop. when i arrived the warbler had just been seen in the opposite corner from the entrance but i had just missed it. then the other birders left so i just walked the loop slowly about 5 times, checking all the trees, but then i heard it before i saw it. a very metallic chip. near the front entrance by the pool. the residents were very friendly and interested to know about the bird. it was a photo lifer for me. although not a great photo, that little guy did not sit still for a second.