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  1. Point n Shoot camera for my husband

    That gives me a starting point, thanks!
  2. Bird of Prey

    Thanks guys!
  3. My husband's work seems to be attracting birds of prey. Of course, every time I go by I don't see a thing. He's tried to snap pictures with his cell phone a couple times, but with digital only zoom the pictures aren't worth much. So, I'm looking for an inexpensive point n shoot I can get for him to carry. Any manual functions aren't going to be used unless they're something I can set and forget for him. Something with reasonable zoom capacity (at least enough to photograph that bird sitting on the power pole 50 ft away). Something not horribly bulky that he can stash in a pocket. I don't have a strict budget, but money is a bit tight, so less expensive is better.
  4. Bird of Prey

    Upstate Ny, taken today One picture I can kinda see what might be a belly band, but the proportions look wrong to be a Red Tail. Unless thats just a fluke of the angle or something. IMGB3619 by ruthcatrin, on Flickr IMGB3618 by ruthcatrin, on Flickr
  5. ID by bird call

    Lol, I JUST told her to check Osprey calls. Mfawver's Bald Eagle suggestion reminded me of them, and its definetly the season for them to be on the move in this area!
  6. ID by bird call

    There are a several good sized lakes within a few miles radius. Fish I'm not so sure about. After Listening to raptor calls my mom says it sounds alot like the BroadWing hawk. I'll tell her to check Bald Eagles too.
  7. ID by bird call

    I'll have my mom go listen to raptor calls, thanks!
  8. ID by bird call

    bumping, to see if anyone else has any ideas
  9. ID by bird call

    The Blue jays start calling at about the 20second mark. The bird we're trying to ID is calling right before them, and during the first couple seconds of the Bluejays.
  10. ID by bird call

    Yah, I said that we know what the bluejays sound like.......there are otherbirds calling in the video.
  11. ID by bird call

    Ok, this video was taken by cell phone, today, in eastern Massachusetts. The call that we're specifically looking for an ID on is a piercing whistle (if the bird is in one of the close trees it can easily be heard inside the house), with a rising inflection towards the end. It can be heard at the beginning of the video, right before the bluejays start up, I then clipped out a bunch of video, and it can be heard again more than once in the last minute. You have to click through to Flickr to actually view the video, sorry. bird call mom by ruthcatrin, on Flickr
  12. coopers hawk?

    Taken today in my yard in Upstate NY IMGB3347a by ruthcatrin, on Flickr IMGB3351a by ruthcatrin, on Flickr IMGB3355a by ruthcatrin, on Flickr IMGB3356a by ruthcatrin, on Flickr
  13. Something about the angle of the sun that time of year likely causing just enough change in reflection
  14. Flickers vs. Starlings: How To Help?

    unfortunately not likely to be an option in a condo/apt building type setting. Will Flickers eat mealworms or other larva? For what its worth I've never had any luck seeing Flickers at my seed or suet feeders.
  15. I don't think theres anywhere on the property I could put a box that would be safe. I'm thinking I'm going to try a Gilbertson's box next year. For now I'm going to remove the Spooker, prop all the boxes except for the one the Tree Swallows are using open, and probly go back to trapping for the rest of the summer. Well, best I can, I have a broken arm, which is making some of this difficult,