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  1. Dead rail

    Interesting. Bonzai posted a dead Virginia Rail and a dead Sora that he found down here in San Diego two days ago. Hopefully just normal migration related mortality.
  2. warbler and hawk help

    Agree with Common Yellowthroat. Your hawk is a young Red-tailed.
  3. Sandpiper

    Looks like another Pectoral to me, too.
  4. Shorebirds

    How about Western Sandpiper for the slightly larger than Least peeps? Should be the expected species there.
  5. what kind of flycatcher?

    Agree with Olive-sided Flycatcher. Contrasting white throat and breast, big head and bill, and short tail confirms for me.
  6. Juniper Titmouse?

    Agreed. I have lots of older field guides with different bird names and missing ones due to more recent taxonomic splits. A good new one to get would be the second edition Sibley Guide to Birds. Even then you will be missing the latest Scrub Jay and Magnificent Hummingbird splits.
  7. Acorn Woodpecker?

    You got it. Lots of them here in California.
  8. You have a Turkey Vulture there. You probably found their nightly roost.
  9. Bird on pole

    Agree with Cooper's Hawk. I live in San Diego's east county, and we generally don't see Sharp-shinned Hawks here until at least October. They also tend to be more shy than the Cooper's Hawks, who love sitting on these freeway light posts and picking off Rock Pigeons.
  10. id help with this yellow bird

    Interesting photo. Weird but cool combination of species.
  11. bad-photo hawk-blurs

    Northern Harrier was my first thought on that third one too.
  12. Three small birds in northern Arizona

    I could see that too.. Those two look a lot alike.
  13. Three small birds in northern Arizona

    Looks like you were at elevation, too. 1. Pygmy Nuthatch 2. Plumbeous Vireo 3. Mountain Chickadee
  14. Trump Sparrow?

    Lol! Agree with Song.
  15. Flycatcher?

    Agree with Western Wood-Pewee. You can even see the smudgy undertail coverts.