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  1. Actually, if you had submitted a better picture, you'd have a solid ID by now. Everyone is trying to help you based on a pretty unclear image.
  2. Gray flycatcher?!

    I too would like the field marks on this one.
  3. Sparrow ID

    And Tina, I would love to see a trip report from you on your sw experiences. There is a special heading on the forum just for that. I did a report on my July trip.
  4. Sparrow ID

    That sounds like an awesome life, Tina. Have you hiked up the Bog Springs Trail? I hiked it on my first trip there, looking for Elegant Trogons. Unfortunately, it wasn't very birdy up there. I did get the trogons this past July, on the Carrie Nation Trail. Kind of jealous of you right now.
  5. Sparrow ID

    Sounds like you may be at the Bog Springs Campground. I've stayed there before. Your sparrow looks like a first winter Chipping to me, with that black eye line that continues to the bill, and the broken eye ring. I've always seen the most variety of sparrows downhill from there in the Florida wash. I've gone twice in July (2014 and 2017,) and had the advantage of hearing them sing, making the ID that much easier.
  6. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    Why did it have to fly right past my town without stopping? Hard for me to find the time to chase. Super busy with work, plus myself and my three kids getting sick off and on. If I do find a free minute this week, i would have to opt for Wild Turkey hunting, the real kind with shotgun. It's hard behind a hunter, fisherman, and birder........which one to do?.........Well, hunting is limited to seasons, so I kind of have to do that when I can. Besides, some of my best lifers and a few rarities have come while hunting.
  7. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    Ani seems too far out of range. Are they thinking it's an escapee?
  8. Yes, I agree with young Red-shouldered. Nice pic!
  9. Not sure, but bill looks pretty thick to me. I'd go Brown-headed here.
  10. Hummingbird ID

    Looks good for Anna's to me.
  11. Parking Lot Sparrow

    This should be a name change! Makes more sense than most.
  12. Actually, pretty sure you got Pied-billed Grebe when we went to that Del Mar spot like three months ago. I think I remember seeing at least three. Edit: Wait, I know, you didn't get a photo.
  13. sparrow

    Yes! We should pin this pic for everyone to compare their Song Sparrow that they think are Lincoln's pics to.