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  1. This domestic Mallard is called a Duclair Duck.
  2. Agreed. And that is a typical posture for them.
  3. Cool angle on the pic!
  4. I'd like a Snowy Owl in San Diego county. Hey, we got a Common Redpoll once, and I did see that one.
  5. LOL! I get them here year round on my feeder.
  6. Agreed.
  7. LOL! My 18 month old son saw this and yelled Duck Duck!
  8. Agree with Lesser, due to the yellow undertail coverts.
  9. Sounds like an American White Pelican to me. I get them soaring over in circles, way up high, rarely flapping a wing, and I'm a mile away from a lake. Easily the largest and lightest colored soaring bird within their range.
  10. Pictured are Red-tailed Hawks.
  11. Suggesting Curve-billed. my subtle attempt at humor, maybe too subtle.
  12. That bill looks pretty Curved to me, the eyes pale orange, and the breast pretty heavily spotted.
  13. And this was the one that instantly came to mind for me as well, but again, without a pic.. ......
  14. Without a pic, all I could do is guess, which might lead you even further away from an ID.
  15. No, but Costa's bill is a bit downward curved, which I can't make out at this angle.