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  1. Both look good for Broad-winged to me.
  2. Vireo?

    Bell's would have visible wing bars, and Philly is out of range.
  3. Vireo?

    Warbling. They always look blank faced.
  4. Some type of warbler???

    They are really migrating through the area now. I saw five out at Dos Picos park in Ramona last week, which is not super far from Borrego. Was a lifer for me too. I love how bright their yellow is.
  5. Yeah, I'd say female. If I had to put money on it, I'd say Costa's just based on the location.
  6. Help ID Hummingbird

    Low contrast on the chest/throat, and that little gorget patch, plus the shorter straight bill, I'd go female Anna's here.
  7. Predominant species there is Costa's, but I could also see this as Black-chinned.
  8. Help ID Hummingbird

  9. Tanager

    Yah, I looked closer. Tail is too short also. My bad!
  10. Tanager

    Looks like a Nashville Warbler. Migrating through right now.
  11. Not Sure

    A Shrike for sure. Maybe Northern.
  12. I agree with both. Cool that you have the Martins.
  13. Bendire's or curved bill Thrasher

    Thanks P. These were my thoughts as well. I was also thinking the angle of the head view might be making the bill look shorter.
  14. Bendire's or curved bill Thrasher

    Could you list the field marks you used to separate this from Curved-billed? I could use help on separating these two from this angle.
  15. Ah, I just looked at the left one.