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  1. That is an adult Cooper's Hawk.
  2. Thanks Gin! I know those downpours can be a pain, but I have the advantage of staying inside, in the canyon. Last time the rain pinned me in at night, since i was camping.Thanks for the reminder about Florida Canyon. Last time I hit the desert floor and Florida Canyon early too. I want to find those two ongoing rarities there. I also like hearing all the different Sparrow species singing early in the morning. Thank you for those very detailed directions!
  3. Looks more like a Lincoln's Sparrow to me.
  4. You guys are the best! I'm definitely going to check out the Becards. Looks like we're spending the only night at the Santa Rita Lodge. Hopefully will get the Elf Owls there. We're going to start first thing Monday morning at Carr Reef campground. There's even a current tufted fly there. I need a few of the not so rare warblers that are usually there as well. From there it's down Carr Canyon road, with a few stops along the way, ending up at Ramsey by 10am or so, Lord willing. Really hoping for a Pygmy Owl sighting. From Ramsey we will either go over to Madera, or hit somewhere in between, suggestions? I might make a run at those Becards at that time, or might wait until later Tuesday for that. Tuesday will be spent all day in Madera area, including Florida Canyon and the rest of the desert floor. Then we drive back Tues night. I plan in putting a lot of mileage on my body and my Blazer.
  5. Agree with Savannah. You can see the yellow lores in the last pic.
  6. Anyone here ever spend a night at the Santa Rita Lodge?
  7. Thanks to both of you for the awesome advice. I'd never heard of tumacacori and the de Anza trail. Looks like it's just south of Madera? Is it a quick hit for the Becards, or will I want to explore back in there? Is it regulated like Ramsey, or open like Madera? Thanks again, Mark
  8. Thanks Gin! Hitting Ramsey on Monday. Where are the Becards? Haven't heard about that. How long is the hike up to the tufted spot? Trying to figure time. I might have to check out Miller canyon. Haven't been there yet. Will Check for the Pygmy Owls at Ramsey. You never know with them, but they must have a nesting territory. I will ask at Santa Rita Lodge about the Elfs. Good thing rattlesnakes don't bother me one bit. Thanks for all the tips. Where do you stay when in Madera? I might not want to brave the downpours in a tent this time!
  9. Taking a quick trip to SEAZ Monday and Tuesday. Targeting a few rarities, and a few I missed the last time I was there. Anybody been to Ramsey Canyon lately for the Flame-colored Tanager and the Tufted Flycatcher? Tips on finding Northern Pygmy Owl there? Still need Elegant Trogon,and Spotted Owl, all which have been seen or heard there in the past week. Also heading to Madera and Florida Canyon looking for Rufous-capped Warbler, Black-Capped Gnatcatcher, Elf Owl, Northern Pygmy Owl, Elegant Trogon, Northern Beardless Tyrannulet, Mexican Whip-poor-will, Gray Hawk, and Common Black Hawk. Again, all these have been ebirded in the past week. Any tips are welcomed! Thank you!
  10. Yep. That's about a four week old male American Kestrel.
  11. The pic is clear enough to verify Great Blue Heron. Also, you won't see a bittern up in a tree like that.
  12. I saw a male Black-headed Grosbeak with a white head a few years back.
  13. It's an Ash-throated. Great-crested would be way out of range. Brown-crested (the most likely in range similar flycatcher) would not have the complete dark tip to the underside of the tail, and the throat would not be so whitish.
  14. Agree with Great-Horned Owl. You can even see his white "collar."