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  1. Lucky Shot! I've never seen a hawk take out prey in person before.
  2. Guess who this is, VII

    I can't tell, but there is something in Big Foots foot prints.
  3. Guess who this is, V

    A Canon EOS 30D DS126131
  4. Guess who this is, V

    Ok, I was wondering if you weren't using something like a 400mm. The biggest lens that I have is a 18-55 mm. It's good for close ups on things that don't move, but I rarely get good pics of birds with it. Here are some of my close ups on a few trees http://www.whatbird.com/forums/forums/storage/1410/238508/IMG_5798s.JPG http://www.whatbird.com/forums/forums/storage/1410/238509/IMG_5802s.JPG http://www.whatbird.com/forums/forums/storage/1410/238512/IMG_5865s.JPG
  5. Trees

    That's a bizarre looking tree
  6. Guess who this is, VI

    I've been doing a lot of fishing with my dad at Holmes lately and have gotten slightly better with water fowl, but I'm still a little slow. The shore birds still get me good.
  7. Find this funny fella!

    I think I see it. Is he trying to get up that small cliff, but he's only getting half way up the weeds instead?
  8. Guess who this is, V

    Nice shot though. I've never been able to get that close to a ___________; they always scatter before I can even get with in 20 yards of them.
  9. Guess who this is, V

    Its song gives it away. Kill-Deer-Kill-Deer
  10. Who am I?

    I'm no expert on Orioles but I've heard grape jelly and some nectar in a open feeder will get them coming. Don't put the feeders near the nest, because you'll get more then just Orioles coming to the feeders and that will make them either leave or never come back because of all the traffic near the nest site. I'd put it on the other side of the yard if I were you.
  11. Guess who this is, VI

    I think the one in the back round is a Canada Goose. And the two up front are some sort of gulls. Which ones I can not tell you because I'm no expert at shore birds and water birds.
  12. When the mother abandoned him she probably knew he would not make it for more than a day or two. Sometimes it best to let nature do its job.
  13. Guess who this is IV.

    eastern towhee.