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  1. Agree with IB.
  2. #4. Common Yellowthroat, female.
  3. I'm a little, okay, a lot older than most of the people on this forum. I think it took me 3 years to get up the nerve to click on the (heart-shaped) thingigy that lets a person "like" a photo or subject. All of those photos I could have, and should have "liked" but didn't because I was shy. Such a waste when all I needed to do was ask someone.
  4. See the rufous colored feathers on it's shoulders? I was told, if I remember correctly, that this is a reliable field mark for Least Sandpipers and not so much for Semipalmated Sandpiper. So, somebody straighten me out please. Is the rufous shoulder patch a good field mark for Least Vs SemiPalmated?
  5. This bird has the most wonderful call.
  6. Yes, one of my nemesis birds!
  7. Agreed.
  8. I agree with Plumbeous Vireo.
  9. Thank you for the expanded description.
  10. Swainson's
  11. And he spends his time "honking" around the forest.
  12. Can't see dark patagials or much of a belly band. Kinda looks like a Swainson's Hawk that got ran through the garbage disposal.