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  1. here on earth anyway. 12 years ago my wife Debbie, was given a 5% chance of being alive in 6 months. Debbie says "time to gather our resources and go see the world, the world we had worked 24/7 and saved to see from the time we were married in 1995. While in Africa, where we experienced 5 different safaries, we found ourselves on one side of the Landrover looking at the beautiful birds . The rest of the group would be on the other side of the vehicle frothing over the lions and elephants etc; That was when we both knew we were hooked on birding. We traveled Costa Rica, Galapagos, The Amazon, the Arctic Circle, well, you get the picture. We even wrote and published 2 books, which she took many of the photos for. Donated the profits to cancer research. I want to thank Whatbird and the people that contribute to this wonderful site. Through all the time in surgeries, chemos and a billion trips to the doctor, you were there for me. This website gave me that "something to do" that I needed to get me along. Following are a couple of pictures of me and Debbie flying over Victoria Falls, Africa, in an ultralite. As I watched Debbie take her last breath, my mind was flooded with the most awesome memories anyone could possibly imagine.
  2. sparrow?

  3. Bank, Rough-winged?

    fooled me!
  4. Bank, Rough-winged?

    This appears to me to be a Northern rough-winged Swallow. A Bank Swallow will have a dark band below the bill and on the chest.
  5. Kite?

    I agree.
  6. What is this bird?

    Man, I looked and looked for a photo of a Pintail that looks like this bird. I thought that's what it was but the stripes on it's side didn't make any sense to me. Those stripes must come from the wing feathers and should have been a no-brainer. I guess that's what I have tonight.
  7. Desert sparrows

    Bird #2 looks Clay-colored to me with that wide, gray nape and shorter than Brewer's, squared off tail.
  8. Titmice/mouses?

    #2. Is that a fleshy gape of a young bird or is that just the way it's open mouth looks?
  9. Here's a bad photo curtesy of my friend. Taken on a cranberry farm on the southern Oregon coast. Imm. Bald eagle?
  10. greater? yellowlegs

    A Greater yellowlegs has a bill that is approx. 1.5 times in length as the diameter of it's head which makes this bird a Greater Yellowlegs.
  11. redhead? duck

    Yes, I agree.
  12. sora?

    I agree with Sora. Tail/Rail
  13. yellow warbler

    Looks like a Prairie Warbler to me.
  14. looks like gnatcatcher

  15. Seaside sparrow ?

    Sure looks like it to me.