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  1. Mew Gull

    Looks good for Mew Gull to me. First winter?
  2. What shorebird

    I agree with least Sandpiper.
  3. Tern Help

    I'm thinking Forester's Tern with that bi-colored bill and deeply forked tail.
  4. ID Grosbeak

    I agree with Rose-breasted and nice photo.
  5. Blue-black Grassquit?

    Yes, and I think the feathers on it's head are laying flat or they are thinned out making the beak look more pronounced.
  6. ID in Virginia, Please

    I agree with female House Sparrow.
  7. Red Knot?

    I don't see why not Red Knot.
  8. With the lack of solid black in front of the eye and weak stippling on the chest, I'd go with Northern or even hybrid.
  9. Bald Eagle at Los Angeles?

    Appears to me to be a Bald Eagle, adult.
  10. Just a Robin?

    My first thought as well.
  11. Pine Siskin?

    I agree with Pine Siskin
  12. sparrow help

    Swamp Sparrow I do believe.
  13. I entered the photo to ebird, is rare for here. Thanks for the "heads up" psweet. MM, I only shoot birds with a camera, of course.