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  1. Small bird Jersey City 03/23

    Great photo!
  2. Young Northern Flicker or ??

    This is an American Pipit.
  3. A Lesser Roadrunner. Colima, Mex.
  4. Car Alarm Bird?

    I once saw an article somewhere of a Northern Mockingbird that imitated the sound of a chain saw. Must be a N. Mocker.
  5. sandpiper in west mexico

    Yes, almost always bobbing it's tail.
  6. Broad-winged, Cooper’s or another

    The bird is injured. Otherwise it would have flown off right away.
  7. Ruby-crowned Kinglet?

  8. Colima, Mx. I.D. request please.

    Bingo akiley! In another photo I can see the spectacles. Yes, Bell's Vireo-thanks
  9. Mississippi Gulf Coast Shorebird

    Looks like a Dunlin to me.
  10. Had a target list of 20 birds on this week long birding trip, shot 19. Any ideas on this one?
  11. Just returned from birding in the shadows of volcanos in Colima. Here's a photo I am especially fond of, a Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer. This bird is one of the most difficult aves I have EVER tried to shoot. It took the better part of 2 days to coax this species out of the brush long enough to focus on it.
  12. Yellow eye, longish tail, belly band---young Red-tailed Hawk.
  13. Immature Bald Eagle?

    Yes, imm. Bald Eagle, Too much white underneath.
  14. Scalp help

    To me, the head does not appear to be nicely rounded and the nail on the bill isn't pronounced, I think Lesser Scaup. Scalp help, maybe HeadnShoulders?