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  1. what warbler?

  2. Need ID

    Looks like Ruby-crowned Kinglet.
  3. sparrow

    Yes. Nice photo.
  4. I took this photo of a Dark morph Short-tailed Hawk in San Blas. Looks like the O.P.'s bird to me.
  5. Southeastern PA

  6. Swallow

    Looks pretty good for Bank Swallow.
  7. More Hawk Help

    I agree.
  8. This looks like a Dark Morph Short-tailed Hawk eating a bird.
  9. I don't see a photo.
  10. tern id please

    The smaller Terns look like Common Terns to me.
  11. Trying to identify a bird

    Maybe a Black-crested Titmouse?
  12. what bird

    Looks like a Rock Wren to me.
  13. Rusty Confirmation

    I agree.
  14. What kind of finch?

    I think you have a Cassin's Finch here. Red cap giving way to a brown nape. The raspberry color doesn't strongly paint down through to the belly.
  15. This Gila Woodpecker broke it's upper mandible drumming on my satellite dish, I think. Articles I've read suggest the beak can regrow like a fingernail. It may never be quite the same but I want to see what happens. This is a resident bird here in Los Barriles, Baja Sur, Mx. 4/09/18.
  16. Tennessee sparrow assist

    I agree, Henslow's and I'm envious. Nice photo.

    What size is the ziploc?
  18. House Wren

    I agree with geoffclarke.
  19. Unknown bird - Bad photo

    Likely a Common Raven, I think.
  20. Flycatcher confirmation

    I agree.
  21. egret id

    Golden slippers=Snowy Egret.
  22. This is an Anhinga. Welcome to the forum.