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  1. Hawk help please

    I agree with The Bird Nuts.
  2. Brown birds

    You could be right. Good observation re: white throat.
  3. Brown birds

    Maybe female Blue Buntings.
  4. Help to identify this little bird

    Certainly looks like it.
  5. Cattle Egret?

    I'd say yes, cattle Egret.
  6. merlin?

    I agree.
  7. Unknown raptor

    I think so too.
  8. Is this a Ipswich Savannah Sparrow?

    It certainly looks like it.
  9. Gull-billed Tern?

    Its my tern to be correct, yes Gulled-billed Tern.
  10. Yellow-Breasted Chat?

    I think so too.
  11. Black headed gull?

    Wing tips, spot on the head and range look good for Black-headed Gull.
  12. King Rail?

    Nice photo, yes King Rail.
  13. Cormorant in Prague

    Sure looks like one to me.
  14. Unknown raptor

    I see a thin, compressed looking leg and this bird's pray appears small. The raptor looks small as well. Sharp-shinned Hawk.
  15. American Wigeon male?

    I agree
  16. Northern Ohio Waterfowl

    Looks Northern Pintail maybe hybrid.
  17. Sharpie in Vermont today

    I agree
  18. Tall Shorebird

  19. Two for ID

    Pass on the first one but the second looks Bluebird to me.
  20. Song Sparrow?

    Gosh I missed that one!
  21. Song Sparrow?

    Maybe a female Brown-headed Cowbird.
  22. Small plover/sandpiper?

    I don't see a photo?