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  1. Blue-winged Teal finally showing up here.
  2. Thanks roadcykler! The images showed up on my screen when posted, I was unaware that the size I linked to was protected.
  3. Redhead doing a head throw. (Left click images for an uncompressed view.) Horned Grebe
  4. Saw nine species of waterfowl this morning at the local wetland including this drake Northern Shoveler that gave me a nice close up view in morning light.
  5. Pair of Redheads at a local pond. (Left click image for larger, uncompressed view)
  6. From this weekend. I photographed this Barred Owl in the same area as my last post but I think this is a different owl. There were two of them. Taken in a small clearing in a wooded area, the background is sunlit trees along the edge of the clearing.
  7. A couple from the weekend I have a number of images of this owl with it's eyes open but I like the look of this one with those thick eyelids and smile. Bufflehead
  8. LOL!

    Those are decoys, right? Too funny!
  9. Short-eared Owl hunting at sunset.
  10. American Kestrel photographed from my car along a rural road in Ohio.
  11. My first bird of the new year. This ragged-looking Northern Pintail, along with a variety of other waterfowl, was swimming in a small, open area of an otherwise frozen lake this morning in single digit temperatures.
  12. Another Snowy Owl with Lake Erie in the background.
  13. Common Redpoll from this morning.
  14. It was a Snowy day in PA on the shore of Lake Erie.
  15. Our Pets

    After the unexpected death of our cat we decided to adopt another one. This is Kimba, our newest family member, she loves watching the birds at our feeder just outside the front window.