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  1. SE Arizona in May

    I just got back from the Tucson area for the AOS conference. We went up to the Rose Canyon Lake area (home of the one-day-wonder Red Warbler) and picked up all the expected birds including Grace's and Olive Warblers. We also went to Madera Canyon and checked out the feeders at Kubo B&B where we had Rivoli's Hummingbird and Elegant Trogon.
  2. Warbler?

    Was this picture taken in the SF Bay Area, or somewhere else?
  3. Accipiter Palm Springs

    Great thanks all!
  4. Accipiter Palm Springs

    Unfortunately I think this is it. It may be impossible but I thought I'd ask. I know we all like a challenge
  5. Hi all, A friend sent me this shot of what I think is an Accipiter from Palm Springs. It's obviously a cell phone photo, so not the best, but I was hoping for a better ID than just Accipiter. I'm terrible at separating Sharpies and Coopers, so I'd appreciate reasoning as well. Thanks!
  6. Songbird

    Looks like a Northern Mockingbird to me based on posture and gray and white coloring.
  7. Texas birding (Dallas and Houston)

    Yes Houston itself can take well over an hour to drive through if traffic is easy. Were you planning on driving from Dallas to Houston? There may be some spots along the 45.
  8. Texas birding (Dallas and Houston)

    Brownsville is actually about 5 and a half hours from Houston. Not a day trip. Within Houston, I'm not sure where you'll get good hummingbirds that time of year. A good park in general is the Houston Arboretum. For waterfowl, the Texas City Dike is nice, as are certain areas of Galveston.
  9. #ABArare

    EBird checklist this checklist has two pictures of the gull being carried off by a Peregrine.
  10. #ABArare

    Glad you were able to see it! I was sad to hear that it was killed
  11. #ABArare

    I saw it yesterday. On Facebook they described it being attacked.
  12. #ABArare

    Well I never saw it anywhere near another gull, so it probably looked like easy pickings off in a field by itself.
  13. #ABArare

    The Ross's Gull was just killed by a pair of Peregrine Falcons.
  14. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    I thought the Ross's Gull was pretty cute.
  15. That was perfect! Thank you!