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  1. Absolutely....Now that you've pointed it out, I see the scarlet.....Egg on my face.....Thanks
  2. Yesterday in the desert, just northwest of Yuma, AZ. many miles from any water. Thanks for you help with the ID. Pics are at the end of a 400 mm zoom. Sorry for the blurry. https://imgur.com/a/hkHkD
  3. Seed eater?

    Well I'll be....I do have another shot of the black throat but the side head markings threw me off...Thanks Colorado
  4. Seed eater?

    Today, Earp, CA. Darn if I can ID this one. Help and thanks. https://imgur.com/jIKREwM
  5. Two days ago in Benchley, TX This was one flock but four different birds. Thanks for any help.
  6. Dead bird ID

    Taco Mel, You are a ray of sunshine in an otherwise dark world of sharp elbows and win-at-any-cost scamps. Purists of your caliber are far and few between...I salute you and will be watching for one of my DOA ovenbird's relatives to make a flyby and legitimize my new lifer.
  7. Dead bird ID

    Tracking it down with your help I do believe you have it right....What a terrible way to add to a "Lifer List."
  8. Dead bird ID

    Iron River MI today. Came across this poor fellow while cutting the grass today. He was under a window so I'm guessing crashed into it and broke his neck. I don't recognize the head markings. Maybe a Thrush? Thanks for any help.
  9. Help with Lifer ID

    Yep, easy-peasy once you know what page to look on. Thanks for the help.
  10. Flycatcher ID Help Needed

    Hmm, how about an Olive-sided Flycatcher
  11. Today in Iron River, MI. Upper Peninsula. I think this is an adult male Blue-Headed Vireo. Thanks for your help.
  12. A western Grosbeak? ID Help

    Yes, Fort Range, I do believe you've given a good call. Thinking this must be a juvenile which would account for it's no-fear inquisitiveness.
  13. 2009 July 25th south of Durango, CO. and North of Santa Fe, NM. That schnoz has seed eater grosbeak written all over it....Wish I had a book here to thumb....thanks for the help.
  14. This pic was sent to me this morning by a friend from Sacramento, CA She wonders what bird this may be. She says head and tail appeared yellow. Picture was taken today in Sacramento, CA. Thank you for your help.