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  1. He's going to be disappointed: http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S37182905
  2. Year list updates please.
  3. Had a nice day birding today. Started off looking for two American Golden-Plovers that have been hanging out for the past week, but couldn't find any. Did get good looks at a Belding's Savannah Sparrow which is always nice. After striking out on the plovers, we went to Point Loma to look for late migrants and hopefully a rare bird. There hadn't been anything reported since the 21st, but while trying to spot a weird sounding warbler I heard a White-eyed Vireo singing and chased it down. Got great views for such a secretive (and rare!) bird. Sent out a text to the rarity group and a listserv post and there were 10 birders within 20 minutes looking for it. It disappeared only 5 minutes after I found it and after 45 minutes I decided to leave. Right as I was leaving, the birders refound it. Second time I've refound a rare bird that had gone missing this year. Hopefully I can actually find a new rare bird now. Also, new profile picture incoming:
  4. Agree with Scintillant/Volcano Hummingbird.
  5. Magnificent Hummingbird. For future reference, specific locations are often essential for identifying birds from places like Costa Rica.
  6. Agree with White-tipped Dove. The other similar species should have red orbital skin which I'm not seeing.
  7. Usually this, but some species are easier to see from shore than others. Marbled Murrelets shouldn't be exceptionally difficult if they breed nearby, and some alcids like Common Murre and Pigeon Guilemot are very easy from shore.
  8. Re-found the White-eyed Vireo today which was totally unexpected. I was trying to find a warbler that was giving a weird song (still not sure what that was) when I heard the vireo singing and quickly found it. Within 20 minutes of texting the rarity group text for SD 10 people showed up to find it (which they eventually did, but like 45 minutes after I originally had the bird).
  9. Storm-Petrels are even worse than shearwaters when it comes to being seen from shore. Most of the time you need a storm with extremely high winds to push them close to shore. Even then, they're tiny birds and if you don't have a fair amount of experience with them or get good photos you're not really going to have a good shot at identifying them.
  10. I think the number of checklists was what was being used to gauge how overbirded a spot was, not species. Both those spots have a lot less checklists than other places.
  11. You mean European Storm-Petrel and Fea's Petrel?
  12. That's less than a tenth of the size of San Diego. That's even half the size of Orange county, the smallest county in SoCal.
  13. That kind of doesn't surprise me... your counties are so tiny! Has to be hard to get a good county list there (or a good county list is a lot smaller).
  14. It's a dowitcher.
  15. Probably the most impressive county lister I know of: http://ebird.org/ebird/profile/MTI3ODky/US-CA Not only does she have a great state list, but she's seen over 200 species in every California county.