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  1. 2nd Opinion on So Cal Warbler

    Yep, Orange-crowned
  2. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Can you just link it? It's not showing up when I search your username.
  3. 1. Grassland (African) Pipit? 2. Pretty confident this is Hildebrandt's Starling 3. Red-headed Weaver 4. Black-chested Snake-Eagle? 5. White-bellied Tit 6. Sooty Chat? 7. Brown-throated Wattle-eye 8. Black-backed Puffback 9. Slate-colored Boubou? 10. Isabelline Wheatear 11. Bronze Sunbird 12. Honestly have no idea on this one -- maybe one of the larks? 13. White-headed Buffalo Weaver? Doesn't look like that close of a match but that's my best guess. 14. pass 15. One of the eagles -- not sure which. Tawny, Steppe, and Lesser Spotted are all possibilities 16. Common Fiscal 17. Northern Wheatear 18. Black-winged Stilt chicks, I believe 19-20. Eagles again. Not confident as to how to ID them.
  4. Mute Swans in OKC???

    Presumably released birds. Many city parks have released Mute Swans.
  5. Need ID Hellp, Please

  6. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    Knowing what your flickr is would probably be helpful.
  7. I just got a guide to this region recently so I will check these out when I get a chance. Just posting to let you know it is not going unnoticed!
  8. Not a very good picture, but probably my best from El Salvador -- a Great Kiskadee. This particular individual woke me up every morning by calling loudly right outside my room.
  9. Sanibel shore bird

    Agree with it being unidentifiable -- I could see it as a Reddish Egret or Great Blue Heron.
  10. Few birds from coastal MA

    1-3. Agree 4. Agree with Surf 5. Agree with White-winged 6. Agreed 7. How about American Black Duck?
  11. Whatbird's Young Birders!

    There's several. I'm one of them, but rarely check anymore. Do you want to be added?
  12. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    Yeah... kind of hoping the Vista bird becomes publically accessible. Really want a picture of that bird for the county/state. Also, jealous of the Ruby-throated! Missed that birds entire stay by being in El Salvador for a missions trip (saw like 30 species, 8 new ones).
  13. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    Yeah, there'll definitely be lots more opportunities. Seems like there's consistently been one or more a year for the past like 5 years. I'm still hoping the Lake Murray bird will turn up but I really thought our bird was that one so I don't know.