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  1. I figured I'd make a thread so we can at least discuss happenings on here... I don't feel like making a google doc but if someone wants to, I'll contribute. Anyway, I got in to see the parula this Saturday!
  2. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    I'm on the waiting list so I should be good to go if they let people in again, hopefully. I actually had something come up on Saturday and I work Sunday in the late afternoon so if the world decides to curse me I might not be able to go still, lol
  3. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    I tried to get in to see the parula this weekend but didn't get in. I'm trying again next weekend if they do it.
  4. I'd lean pretty heavily on Herring with that very dark coloration. Hard to be certain, though.
  5. Sorry no one has responded yet! I'm not positive what species this is... I would try posting on BirdForum where there are more international members.
  6. Cackling or Canada?

    Looks like Canadas to me, but it's tough to tell for sure.
  7. bird

    No, it's an immature male.
  8. Black Swedish Duck??

    Probably is mostly Blue Swedish but that's just a breed and as others said it is impossible to tell if it is purebred. I would argue it isn't, as Blue Swedish are supposed to be a cool blue-gray lacking any brown tones.
  9. Nice shot! That is actually a Red-breasted Merganser, though!
  10. Long-term Birding Goals

    Fun thread to look back on. The goals I listed are definitely still goals. 400 in San Diego is getting closer and closer... I'm at 377 after a fantastic year here. Another goal I kind of thought of a couple weeks ago is visiting every country in North and South America. I think that would be a lot of fun, although it's definitely a very long time goal. Also, I think I'll be excluding most of the Caribbean Islands since there are so many. But bigger ones like Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, etc.
  11. I guess that depends on your definition of pelagic birds. If you're counting tropicbirds, storm-petrels, shearwaters, petrels, alcids, and albatrosses, there's roughly 92 (about 8% of ABA birds). Some terns and gulls are more pelagic then not, and that number isn't including frigatebirds or boobies (both ocean birds but often seen from shore). Oddly enough, I counted 92 shorebirds as well, including plovers, stilts, oystercatches, and all the sandpipers. Here's the ABA list, from which you can figure all the stats you want: http://listing.aba.org/checklist/ABA_Checklist-8.0.1.pdf
  12. Hooded Warbler from last week:
  13. California 2017 Whatbird Big Year

    Yeah, seeing Nancy's photos were painful. What's even worse is that I could have gone out that last time and gotten those pictures too! There were only four on the boat that time but I decided scouting for the CBC was more important. Grrrrrr