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  1. Crissal Thrasher from my New Mexico trip (I'm uploading very slowly lol):
  2. 1. Golden-hooded Tanager 2. Great Kiskadee 3. Cherrie's Tanager (this is one of those identical ones -- by range we know it's a Cherrie's but it looks identical to a male Passerini's) 4. Palm Tanager
  3. Just now seeing this, but I thought that was hilarious. With Stan's continued "sightings," it was only a matter of time.
  4. Yeah, that Liberty Station bird was great. Stuck around for so much longer than I was expecting.
  5. Gotta love Stan's reports...
  6. Black Rosy-Finch from New Mexico
  7. Not an amazing picture, but I'm happy with it for being a Baird's Sparrow:
  8. This is an Eastern Wood-Pewee. Eastern Phoebes are a much darker, black-ish brown above.
  9. JimBob

    Review of itinerary for Costa Rica trip

    Just now seeing this, but good idea! Judging from your itinerary, both would add you new species. Monteverde probably more so than La Selva but depends on whether you did highland birding between lodges.
  10. Honestly, San Diego gets like no Rusty Blackbirds... we have one record on eBird, from 2009. I'm sure that's not our only record (too lazy to break out the atlas), but I wouldn't be surprised if that's the only one in the past 10 years since if there was one since then people would've put it in. I'm hoping for a lot of pretty rare but not super unreasonable species in San Diego this year. Rusty Blackbird is one obviously, but also things like Worm-eating Warbler, Least Flycatcher (keep missing these in the county), etc. Oh, and Connecticut Warbler. I really want a Connecticut Warbler. I would even go to LA if one showed up there. And I passed on that Dusky Warbler just because it was in LA... that's how bad I want a Connecticut.
  11. I really want that Rusty Blackbird... just hate LA so much. Still have no idea why I didn't chase the Orange bird a few years ago. It's only a matter of time before SD gets one... right? right? Grrrrrr
  12. I figured I'd make a thread so we can at least discuss happenings on here... I don't feel like making a google doc but if someone wants to, I'll contribute. Anyway, I got in to see the parula this Saturday!