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  1. Two birds to identify

    That's why I couldn't find it on ibird, I saw two of them. Thank you
  2. Two birds to identify

    Brooklyn NY may 21 Swainson's Thrush? ??
  3. Hooded warbler ?

    Its hard to see but maybe it will be enough to identify? Brooklyn,NY , 19 may
  4. Two birds to identify

    Thank you !
  5. Two birds to identify

    Is this Bay-breasted Warbler ? ------------ Eastern Wood-Pewee ? Unfortunately I couldn't get better pictures
  6. Few questions..

    Thanks, so i have to edit my report on ebird
  7. Few questions..

    Yes , sorry for late reply..
  8. Few questions..

    Thanks! It was in Owls head park, Bay ridge
  9. Few questions..

    Photos were taken today, Brooklyn,Ny
  10. Few questions..

    gray cheeked thrush ?
  11. Few questions..

    blue headed vireo ?
  12. What bird?

    Thanks so much
  13. What bird?

    Brooklyn,NY 10TH OCTOBER