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  1. Help identify this sea bird

    link to photo does not work
  2. What Bird is this?

    Northern Goshawk, with that white eyebrow, nice!

    another vote for savannah
  4. Some Loons

    I think you are correct on the loons. Pass on the gulls
  5. Pine Grosbeak?

    house finch
  6. Brown Bird w/ white rump

    Size is very hard to judge for a single bird but my first thought was flicker. Harriers are a little larger than a crow and certainly have a longer wing span. If the flight was undulating it was likely a flicker; a buoyant flight would lean toward harrier
  7. Wading Bird

    Great shot!
  8. Red Eyed Duck

    So sorry, never seen a cinnamon!
  9. Field Sparrow?

  10. Red Eyed Duck

    canvasback male
  11. Silhouette of raptor

    lighted the pic to the max and saw dark patgials; thinking red-tailed hawk
  12. Silhouette of raptor

    definitely a Buteo. My impression is red-shouldered based on longish tail
  13. Harrier Situation

    red-tailed hawks, Harriers would be slimmer with a much longer tail and a white rump