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  1. San Diego birds

    liam u were here in the wrong time of the year! and you and I couldnt find the time to go bird together! who know we could of found a Ivory gull
  2. I think I've Got A Hot One Here!

    the underwing is all dark, one a FG, there is limited black and and good contrast.
  3. I think I've Got A Hot One Here!

    why isnt this a laughers? look like one to me....
  4. Sharpie?

    Sharpy, note the head is behind the wing line.
  5. Walmart Duck

    I thought blue wing, but i been little confused with the blue vs. Cin. On some ducks. like this one.
  6. Cape May bird from 9/24/12

    Olive green on the wings, and white undertail would make this a Tennessee warbler. I wish the bird was in better view. I dont know how a common yellowT. would show a White undertail. Also Common YelloewT, usually have lot more yellow-green wash on the belly, This one only have gray wash. Tennessee warbler to me
  7. Beavercreek, OH - 10/11/12

    look slightly odd. But I would put a vote for Nashville warbler
  8. Can't think of a witty title for these IDs

    agree with the guys!
  9. Tern?????

    I really do miss the gull guy "Aberrant" miss the old team, krypt, liam, grandpa, poormatty, maddy, but its good to see new people have came in. keep up the good work birders!
  10. BWHA or WTHA

  11. Hawk and Warbler

    that is not a sharpie, the wings are way too wrong. head projection is clearly beyond the line of wings. i would like to see more photos before trying to a ID this.
  12. Nashville Warbler?

    Orange crown warbler here.... NOTE, this one even shows the orange crown on it.
  13. ID help

    immature lesser goldfinch (?)