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  1. not a snipe

    oh well that explains why i was sooooo confused. thank you for that info.
  2. not a snipe

    that long looking neck and head shape made me think it wasn't a snipe altho the coloring said snipe. thank you sean.
  3. not a snipe

    these birds were seen in santa rosa county florida a little north of the town milton. there was snipe there but these 2 i just can't figure out what they are. taken 2/4/2018 thanks for the input. IMG_2041 by kim kelly, on Flickr IMG_2060 by kim kelly, on Flickr
  4. the link to pics isn't working
  5. Double take!! This really happened.

    that is an awesome experience you had. congratz
  6. ibis and roseate

    here is a cropped of a couple of the white birds. there also was several cattle egrets. thanks for the confirmations.
  7. ibis and roseate

    i believe these to be the white ibis. these roseate spoonbill taken in northwest florida, santa rosa county, milton. thanks
  8. this goose

    thank you creeker. thank you bird brain.
  9. this goose

    thank you jimbob. first one i have seen. it was way out in the field. with the bins the color so prestine white and black. so pretty.
  10. this goose

    today in santa rosa county, fl. the north end of the county.
  11. Red tail?

    is it a young bird?
  12. Visitor

    to me it sounds like a blue jay.
  13. duck?

    ahhh. thanks for the help. i flipped the page in the book when i got to the teals. next time i will stop and look. lol
  14. duck?

    i am totally stumped on this one. seen in a small pond in farm fields just north of milton, fl. ducks by familypaint4, on Flickr thank you much for the help
  15. hummingbird

    is this a ruby throated with a very worn tail? taken today in milton, florida hummer2 by familypaint4, on Flickr hummer by familypaint4, on Flickr