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  1. cormorant grabs an oyster cracker in Oceanville NJ cormorant grabs an oyster cracker by jazz_blues, on Flickr
  2. gull stealing fish from a cormorant tug of war by jazz_blues, on Flickr
  3. little blue heron juvies??

    thanks told her off gently as I remember someone posting a rare duck pic and reporting it in North NJ to a birding site and birders flocked from all over looking for it some driving hours and the photo was from a zoo. needless to say people were furious and rightfully so
  4. little blue heron juvies??

    feel like a real putz now found out it was not taken in NJ and the person that took it was playing a joke ARRGGGG
  5. little blue heron juvies??

    in trees in Ocean City NJ trying to get more info so I can get photos tomorrow as I only see her email about it. I would think a sighting like that would rock the birding world
  6. little blue heron juvies??

    wow that would be rare thanks
  7. taken in Ocean City NJ by a friend the beak color is throwing me off http://imgur.com/a/xEvVR
  8. clueless

    I am fortunate enough to own some very good cameras and lens and I concentrate on getting the most out of them I can. IDing comes after editing. It is nice to know what bird or animal it is though. I also like to shoot pets and I shoot dogs up for adoption for a rescue org which I really enjoy doing.
  9. clueless

    I love raptors most of all. dont know much about the smalls. I concentrate on taking photos and at 68 my mind can only absorb so much. still learning photography and my next thing is learning photoshop. only know the basics
  10. clueless

    thanks for the help. this is why I am a photographer and not a birder
  11. clueless

    thanks male??
  12. clueless

    taken today in Ocean City NJ
  13. white faced or glossy ibis?

    thanks. yea I see reports of them at Forsythe this was a good year for the unusual at Forsythe got canvas backs black necked stilts and in Smithville real close photos of wood ducks