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  1. Remember recent searches

    That is brilliant. I was just thinking about this the other day and how I would love this future (for the same reasons as guy_incognito). Thanks!
  2. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    Nope, not anymore. Nothing to see here folks, move along. (Thanks!)
  3. Many lifer confirmations!!!!!!!

    20 is certainly a Neotropic. The white 'V' behind the bill is diagnostic. I also saw my Neotropic at Sweetwater!
  4. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    Mods, you've been summoned. Do our bidding.
  5. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    I don't think this makes a whole lot of sense to me since it wouldn't get that much activity and the 'Backyard Feeding' subforum isn't exactly overrun with posts. As it stands, we have 24 subforums, 12 of which have less than 28 threads. We don't really understand the 'neat and tidy' concept around here haha. It would make sense to add 'nesting birds' into the description of the Feeding subforum though, I agree.
  6. Many lifer confirmations!!!!!!!

    1. Red-faced Warbler 2. Grace's Warbler 3. Pass 4. Elegant Trogon 5. Elf Owl 6. Pass Fantastic shots and congrats on the milestone. I look forward to the trip report and taking more notes on where to visit next time I'm down there! EDIT: Oh geez, didn't realize you had more coming. I'm going to pass on the others except for: 12. Five-striped Sparrow 13. Bronzed Cowbird 14. Black-bellied Whistling Duck 15. Yelllow-eyed Junco What a fantastic weekend.
  7. Wood Pewee or Flycatcher?

    Do you happen to have another photo, preferably one that shows the bird in side profile?
  8. Wisconsin Confirmations v5

    Thank you very much! I use a Sigma 70-300mm. I wouldn't recommend it if you can afford anything better though (even for the same focal length)! Liam wrote a good blog post about the lens that you can find here.
  9. Wisconsin Confirmations v5

    Thank you for the confirmations Liam and psweet, and for the compliment hbvol! I wish I had a 400mm lens, but I'm really enjoying becoming a better birder since I have to get closer to the birds than I would with a longer lens. Creeker - I know the feeling! I'm happy I got the opportunity to work here for a summer, otherwise I'd be moving back to the west coast without ever having a spring/summer/early fall of birding in the East.
  10. Gilded Flicker

    The link that psweet posted is what I would have suggested. They're not as active as this forum because there are less members, but there are people posting every day so I'm sure you'll get a response! I'm looking forward to hearing what the definitive ID is.
  11. One more from today

    Juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird for me.
  12. Gilded Flicker

    I've never seen one, but my thoughts align more with psweet. Perhaps posting it to the state's bird forum or emailing an expert would be the next step in IDing this bird, since it's so difficult to ID. I look forward to hearing the end result!
  13. Hey guys - checking in again from my summer job in Wisconsin. I was able to go out birding today for the first time in weeks! Here are three lifers for which I need confirmation. I also heard Mourning Warbler, Cape May Warbler, Pine Warbler and American Redstart - all would have be lifers if I had seen them, but I wasn't able to get a look through the binocs or get a photo unfortunately. Another day I guess! #1 (lifer) - This bird surprised me because I was not expecting to see it at all. Guess I was focused too much on learning the Warblers! #2 (lifer) - I think these fellas are beautiful. #3 (lifer) - Finally got a shot of one. And to top off the wonderful day, I saw this beautiful pair of Black-backed Woodpeckers at the same bog in which I found bird #1. Click the spoiler tags below to see what I think after you've formed your opinions.
  14. Please help with an experiment

    I'm Canadian - I've always wondered if Americans notice that we write some words differently!
  15. Chicago and Louisville trip report

    I didn't see this till now - as always, a fantastic report. That Dickcissel shot sticks out as particularly impressive. Thanks for sharing yet again!