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  1. By the way, on my computer, Flickr's Share Photo button is an arrow that curves up and then to the right.
  2. Welcome to Whatbird! I agree with Western Kingbird. Nice Blue-fronted Dancer too. Edit: The other insect is a pretty cool robber fly, but that's as far as I can go.
  3. Welcome to Whatbird! I can't come up with anything for that, but if you can make a recording, that would probably be much easier for the experts to identify.
  4. There are lots and lots of House Finches here. I haven't noticed them doing such a short song, hitting the same final note twice, but maybe I just haven't noticed. Thanks!
  5. Maybe a somewhat lost Osprey?
  6. Double post.
  7. The orange bill and lores make it a Double-crested.
  8. Could be. According to Sibley's illustration of a juvenile Western Kingbird, the main difference from adults is that juveniles have less yellow and it's paler.
  9. Can anyone identify this? In my yard, probably in a tall tree, EspaƱola, N.M., July 3.
  10. Female, by the way. The males look very different.
  11. Heck, you can ask the same question for in-range birds, for instance, where Snow and Ross's Goose winter together, or in the recent question about a Clark's or hybrid grebe. In pairs of species that are known to hybridize, you can even ask what part of "normal variation of the pure species" is due to hybridization. I imagine such questions could only be answered by DNA analysis.
  12. Yes, I'm pretty sure that's a kestrel.
  13. 1. I agree with Mexican Amberwing, at least for the first one. I'm having a hard time seeing details on the second. 2. and 3. I'd go for Rambur's, not that I've ever seen one, since there's no little black dash on the side of S9. 4. Female forktail. Maybe someone else can tell which.
  14. Thanks, JacksonBounds.
  15. Just to check before I trip the filter, the black bill and eye-arcs make this a female Blue-winged Teal, right?