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  1. Karynl Waite's Guide has a fatal flaw, and has been removed from the App Store. I can offer you a copy of iBird Ultimate (with all the features of Waite's Guide) to cover your lost App. I will send you the information via private email. Bigfoot
  2. Ranger We prefer that you do not remove photos, as it makes the thread not read well after the photos are removed, remote posting can remove this problem, but you have more space for posting at this time. BF
  3. Robshu Please hold your finger on the marker on Cupertino and move it somewhere else, or type in a new address. This will move the marker from the initial spot and probably stop the problem. You may also use the target at the lower left of the BAM Map, this should move the marker to your current location, using GPS. Bigfoot
  4. Wow A whole page of Young Birder posts about birds. Thanks for keeping politics out of the discussions. Bigfoot
  5. Is there a summary of the search results posted? How many birds did we get for 2016 and did we do better than in 2015? Maybe it is here but I did not see a summary. Bigfoot
  6. I'm going to PIN this Topic so comments and information posted here is easier to find. BF
  7. Thanks Cris for your effort, time and dedication to help out in the Forums and make/create the reporting of the Whatbird Bird Year/s Only you know the time it takes to do these Forums, and I take the time to thank and you and any others publicly that have helped for your assistance here. I believe that the other members reporting to this Forum thank you as well. Well Done!!! Bigfoot
  8. Photo was taken in Seattle and the Birder thinks this is like a Junco. Leucistic?
  9. The Windows 8/10 App has 816 birds, I think the Hawaii birds are not included in this version. You may find information about iBird Apps here. Bigfoot
  10. Cindy is available so we will ask her where the photo was taken. BF
  11. Thanks Whatbirders, the cross between the Red-naped and Red-breasted therefore hybrid is what I was looking to be confirmed. We will change the description in the App. Bigfoot.
  12. The photo is posted in our online Whatbird data here. BF
  13. This is a photo by Cindy Marple posted in iBird Apps with the ID of Red-naped Sapsucker, male. We have a challenge of this ID and we would like comments from the Whatbird birding community as to the real bird ID. Bigfoot
  14. Well, Thanks, this is why I could not find this bird in the North American iBird Database. Bigfoot