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  1. California Big Year Reports
  2. I contacted Tech Support and received no response. 

    I upgraded iBird Ultimate to the latest version 10.04 and the Photo Center is broken.

    I have an iPad Pro with iOS 11. 
    Before upgrading the App, I had 245 of my personal photos assigned to particular species in the App. I often used my iCloud account to upload new photos into the App. 

    After upgrading the Apps Photo Center was blank.  I tried deleting the App and reloading it. Still the Photo Center was blank. I checked the Apps settings to be correct.  I checked all my iCloud settings to be correct.  I even tried loading a photo from my iPads local library. That simple process would not work either. 

    The Photo Center in iBird Ultimate 10.004 is broken. 

    I would like to go back to the previous version or have it fixed.

    John Mulhausen

  3. ICloud

    Susan Yes, keep Apps updated and be sure to enable the backup systems. We try to present the tools but the user must agree and enable the backup systems. BF
  4. Missing birds

    George For Mocking Birds, try looking up Northern Mocking Bird, or just search on Mocking, for the Mockers. For Muscovy Ducks, search for Muscovy. Be sure that you are searching by Common Name, not Latin or Band Code. BF
  5. Simplify Browsing

    Jeff We thought about this, but there is not enough space for this. Thanks for the suggestion. BF
  6. ICloud

    Susan You might try looking in Dropbox for your files. We used Dropbox for a while, maybe the old version used Dropbox as a backup. If you find the data in Dropbox, copy the contents of the folders and paste them to the iCloud folders. BF
  7. ICloud

    Susan You may do a search on your computer for iCloud Drive, open the folder for the files. Bigfoot
  8. Bachman's Warbler

    Missouri Please try to get a photo of this bird. Bigfoot
  9. NatR Thank you for your report, it turns out that you are correct, the sound is for Chipping Sparrow and we have made some corrections in our database. Here is the message from the Group leader. "I checked the sounds and the user is correct, the Chipping Sparrow should show up when a search is done for Song Pattern>Flat. That has now been corrected in the web editor and should appear the next time the app is updated." This change cannot be seen until the App is updated, but the database has been corrected. Thanks again, this reporting helps immensely to make and keep our database as error free and we can. Bigfoot
  10. Database to SD Card?

    Patrick You should only need to have the database downloaded once, the actual App is small so you may stop it where ever you please. There is a new version of the App 7.2.593, please download as the problem of loosing track of a downloaded database is now resolved. You may download the database to either your internal memory or your SD Card. If your App looses the database again, you may go to "More" from the Navigation Menu>Mount Downloaded Database. This will locate your database and point your App to the database, which was there but the App lost track of it. Bigfoot
  11. Natr I'll forward your questions to the person in charge of the Sounds. Bigfoot
  12. Natr Thanks for your comments, they have been forwarded to the proper group for review. Bigfoot
  13. Thanks Rancserty Bigfoot
  14. Hello Susan, It is me Bigfoot, Welcome back to Whatbird


  15. IBird wish list

    The Save Search is available on Apple devices, and will be added to Android Apps in some future release, but again, I am not advised of any planning release date. Thanks for your report/requests, they do get looked at and this will be forwarded to the programmers. Bigfoot