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  1. I contacted Tech Support and received no response. 

    I upgraded iBird Ultimate to the latest version 10.04 and the Photo Center is broken.

    I have an iPad Pro with iOS 11. 
    Before upgrading the App, I had 245 of my personal photos assigned to particular species in the App. I often used my iCloud account to upload new photos into the App. 

    After upgrading the Apps Photo Center was blank.  I tried deleting the App and reloading it. Still the Photo Center was blank. I checked the Apps settings to be correct.  I checked all my iCloud settings to be correct.  I even tried loading a photo from my iPads local library. That simple process would not work either. 

    The Photo Center in iBird Ultimate 10.004 is broken. 

    I would like to go back to the previous version or have it fixed.

    John Mulhausen