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  1. Any Lifers?

    This morning, Glover's Pond, Farmington Bay WMA, Utah, Little Blue Heron. Very rare for Utah! LBHE072414GloversLaneFBWMA UT 2 by pabausman, on Flickr
  2. Northern flicker but not quite?

    Your description of the sound was so good I was pretty sure it was a Sora without looking at it! Nothing sounds like them (And, welcome to WhatBird.)
  3. Confirm Dusky Grouse

    Phoenix Bird - I'll have to look at the throat field mark - didn't notice that. Thanks!
  4. Today, Yellowstone Nat'l Park - Midway Geyser Basin. I think it's a Dusky rather than a Sooty due to no band on tail, and range. DSCN0946 by pabausman,
  5. What birder123456 said! Schnozz!
  6. Thanks to you both! I do know that these girls are probably the most commonly-misidentified birds on the planet , but I still got side-tracked delving into 4 field guides in the Sparrow sections two days in a row. They really do look like big, dark Sparrows (she looked much darker in real life than in the photos).
  7. Northern UT yesterday and Monday, feeding on chicken scratch on low tray feeder. GISS: dark largish-sparrowish-very stripey bird. Bigger than HOSP or HOFI. Very defined dark stripes (rules out female HOFI, which is much smaller anyway), which don't seem to form a central breast spot (does that rule out Song Sp.?). Flicking tail. Brown crown. Pointy dark bill. Whitish supercilium. Maybe whitish stripe on crown. Thinking female Red-wing Blackbird, except field guides say she would have reddish throat and this bird definitely has a whitish throat. We've had a couple of small flocks of RWBLs lately. DSCN0919 by pabausman, on Flickr DSCN0920 by pabausman, on Flickr
  8. Whatbird's Old Birders!

    Don, we were down to one Junco this week, so that's it for the wintery guys. Lots of breeding frenzy in our yard from Eurasian Doves, Mourning Doves, Robins, Magpies, etc., though.
  9. Whatbird's Old Birders!

    We're still waiting on overdue Broad-tail Hummers, Lazuli Buntings, and Western Tanagers.
  10. Whatbird's Old Birders!

    I'm old and I'm here! We had a great morning if birding today, although it involved getting up at 4:30 am. We've got a Lek about 35 miles from us where the Greater Sage-grouse do their incredible strutting and drumming this time of year. I'd seen the spectacle a couple of years ago but my husband hadn't. We saw at least 24 males displaying for about a half hour from just barely light until sunrise. One advantage to being retired (old) is that you can do things like this on weekdays when there are fewer people.
  11. One of my field guides says Willets have "thick grey legs," which I've found is a great field mark, and rules out your bird.
  12. Hawk ID help?

    Baldie for me, too, at first. But, after enlarging, I said no. Pass on what it is, though - I'm not getting an Accip. vibe, though.
  13. Agree with all (IDs and compliments)
  14. Is this a Common Raven or American Crow?

    See my avatar - a Raven with what looks like Cheetos crumbs on his big honkin' bill! I think yours are Crows.