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  1. oriole female west mexico today

    Thanks, it is so good when the guess is right.
  2. oriole female west mexico today

    I only got 2 shots of this bird. I later saw a male that I thought was a Hooded, but didn't have the camera then... Hope there is someone familiar with western orioles. https://imgur.com/mJEWhpr https://imgur.com/82Bhvn5
  3. willets maybe today Nayarit Mexico

    Thanks BigOly for both replies. So nice to get a confirmation before tagging them.
  4. poss painted bunting and a warbler

    Please confirm Painted Bunting female for the two green photos. The third I think is likely an Orange-crowned warbler but also wondered about Tenessee warbler. Unfortunately I only got one shot before my favourite Vermillion chased him away. https://imgur.com/XOIK0ma https://imgur.com/mEoa42y https://imgur.com/JYQeAgj
  5. willets maybe today Nayarit Mexico

    All I can think of is a Willet, yet they look odd for that. Maybe just cause they are hunched up? https://imgur.com/RsOiN67 https://imgur.com/7heaoan https://imgur.com/kwlHYjL https://imgur.com/zZEvC4X
  6. Seen from across a river, today in Lo de Marcos, west coast of Mexico. I think because of the yellow beak that it is an immature Black Hawk. May be too poor a photo but any help is appreciated. https://imgur.com/gREYuJ4 https://imgur.com/tdy2VWl
  7. poss shrike-tanager Nw Mexico today Nayarit

    You're right psweet. It was early morning too so I think there is more of a rosy glow than would be normal. The photo is never as reliable as the binocs. But it was sure exciting to think I had something new
  8. poss warbling vireo in NW Mexico

    thank you to everyone. I learn a lot from the discussion. Each new suggestion sends me off to try to see what the contributor has seen. I'm happy with Bell's vireo. Not a new one , but one I need to learn to ID.
  9. poss shrike-tanager Nw Mexico today Nayarit

    the grey is good for Tropical Kingbird and it is very common here. I've never seen one though without the white throat. I agree that the beak may not be thick enough for shrike, but still not sure of an ID
  10. poss shrike-tanager Nw Mexico today Nayarit

    thought about that but does Cassin's have a dark throat as immature?
  11. poss warbling vireo in NW Mexico

    I have two more poor shots but different view.
  12. At first I thought it was a kiskadee but it does not fit, no white at throat as for any of the related kingbirds. It is out of range for black-throated shrike tanager (se rainforest) but who know with climate change? Sure looks like the female in Howell. If anyone is familiar with tropical birds I'd appreciate some ID help. https://imgur.com/BPCMPhX
  13. poss warbling vireo in NW Mexico

    I think this is the same old guy, please confirm warbling vireo. https://imgur.com/X09XiZ1
  14. Three that I am not sure about

    Could the gull be a Mew Gull?
  15. Tern, poss Elegant

    Yes taken previously in March at San Pancho, north of Puerto Vallarta. Just going through some previous shoots and thought I'd check on some ID tags I had assigned. When I magnify the photo I think the bill does turn down, but you are right, it is pretty thick. another "tern species" I guess as far as my records go.