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  1. vireo in West mexico march 20

    Yep, I'm seeing wing bars. Here's a crop of it. https://imgur.com/HRFDKEB
  2. dowitcher like bird

    Any of the others confirm as Short Billed Dowitchers?
  3. dowitcher like bird

    Here is a crop of the little bird on the left of the first photo posted. I wrote it off as spotted because of the yellow legs. They are common here so maybe I stopped looking closely. I just put it in for size comparison with the larger bird in the same shot. https://imgur.com/pq24dNi
  4. dowitcher like bird

    Here are some more I took at the same time. Would be exciting for me if it is a Short Billed Dowitcher. 1 https://imgur.com/5i51Z1v 2 willet plus small shorepicker https://imgur.com/SdEqHYQ 3 SB dowicher? https://imgur.com/uxRYeW6 4 SB ? https://imgur.com/espu4Fq 5 https://imgur.com/Ide5QJT
  5. poss tennessee warbler

    A poor photo but I think I can see the grey hood. He kept to the back side of a lot of brush. https://imgur.com/y6Nmjiy https://imgur.com/TrLzK1j
  6. dowitcher like bird

    Seen yesterday in west Mexico. I think the little bird on the lleft is a Spotted Sandpiper, but the one on the right? He has a very thick bill and drilled for food. He often put his head into the water right up to his eyes. https://imgur.com/a7iZAgj
  7. vireo in West mexico march 20

    I don't think this is a warbling vireo but that is what I usually see here, https://imgur.com/jAnJ2mZ https://imgur.com/xK63JqS https://imgur.com/P5l8SxU
  8. Share your best photo of the day!

    After hearing this bird for ages I finally got a good look. It is a Laughing Falcon, but reminds me of a panda. https://imgur.com/ZLB6O9g
  9. dowitcher in west mexico

    This was on a fresh water river that flows into the ocean nearby. North of Sayulita on the beach
  10. please confirm willet

    Seen today in west mexico. I didn't know a willet could be brown. When I saw them in Churchill Manitoba in breeding plumage they were a bright grey. https://imgur.com/TBg9s9Z
  11. shorebird w yellow legs in west mexico today

    So I guess this guy is a Dowicher too? Rats, I was hoping for Sharp-tailed sandpiper! https://imgur.com/MG6uMyz
  12. Share your best photo of the day!

    I'm trying to learn to shoot birds in flight. this is the first one I've been happy enough to share https://imgur.com/g5v8K9L
  13. At first I assumed these were yellow legs, since they have yellow legs, now I don't think the neck is long enough. Please help with ID https://imgur.com/pQz9xKM
  14. Reddish Egret near Savannah GA?

    You got a great shot and even have the orange colour that they get in breeding season.
  15. falcon today in west mexico

    I went back and looked at some earlier photos of the Bat Falcon and I am pretty sure that is what it is. It is a bad photo, wish I had stayed at it longer if I'd known it was a more interesting bird. Oh well, it's all fun.