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  1. wigeon plus one

    I thought the head looked big on the right hand one. Maybe it remains a mystery since it is a poor shot.
  2. gulls Courtney BC

    Thanks for the explanation, and for the Bump.
  3. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    In fact I see I have them but I can't figure out how to update them.
  4. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    I see some folks have a Life List number and a Recent Sightings report. How do I add that to my profile?
  5. Recent sightings:golden-crowned Sparrow, Mew Gull, Spotted Towhee and Oregon Junco.

    Current Life List 467

  6. Am wigeon in BC

    thanks, good to know.
  7. Central Texas bird ID zip 78070 - 10/14/2017

    Looks good for Lesser. No sign of wingbars and the bill is grayish.
  8. wigeon plus one

    Please explain what the comment "Bump" means. Am I doing something wrong?
  9. gulls Courtney BC

  10. gulls Courtney BC

    https://imgur.com/N5vnBr7 I wondered if these could be Glaucous Gull? Taken at Courtney Estuary in late September.
  11. wigeon plus one

    I am guessing these are both wigeon but the right hand one seems bigger. https://imgur.com/Z5hvCa6
  12. Pink vs Oregon Junco

    Taken in Courtney British Columbia
  13. Am wigeon in BC

    A large flock of wigeon. Hope that is what this is too. https://imgur.com/hFsxfMX
  14. Hummingbird identification

    I'd say Anna's because of location
  15. yellow legged gull Bc October 4

    Found one more, hope it helps https://imgur.com/TyJqtBg