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  1. Identifying from Droppings?

    There's actually a field guide to identify windshield splat. I don't know if it will help with field droppings; but it's kind of a funny book to look through. The book is: What Bird Did That?: A Driver's Guide to Some Common Birds of North America by Burton Silver
  2. Northern Flicker?

    Yes, Northern Flicker, you probably saw the white rump patch in flight, and visible in some photos here. (that field mark works for eastern woodpeckers)
  3. East Coast Gulls

    I concur with 1 & 3 then 2 as Herring.
  4. Pelican near San Antonio?

    I think it looks more like a Great Egret. A pelican would have some black on the lower wings, and shorter legs.
  5. Thinking Greater Scaup - SW MI 10/15

    I also agree with greater but because in flight, the lighter parts of the wings extend to the primaries.
  6. Duck with funky haircut

    Did you see the "duck beak"? The shape of the bird from this angle has me thinking one of the small grebe's (don't know). It's a tough angle.
  7. I was wondering to myself if plowers ever hang out with shovelers?
  8. The title says SW MI. I with-hold my opinion.
  9. Help w/Tail Feather ID

    Northern Mockingbird. They have the white tail flash.
  10. Southern New England Gulls (B)

    I've compared the pictures to my guide books. I agree that most from my three posts are laughing gull. I also see how #10 & 11 here can be ring-billed. I've never noticed this wing pattern in the winter birds, will it be molted out and replaced by winter? (or is it simply, that I didn't take notice? I knew the laughing gulls today were different, so it caused me to look hard at all of them. Bet that's the case )
  11. Titmouse size.

    Did it chatter a lot; possibly a wren; they like to sing a chattering song. Try to get a photo, even if poor quality, and where are you, what region.
  12. Cormorants in PEI

    My impression is all are double crested. I've only seen a few greats. They do seem bulkier. My impressions are that none of these seem bulkier than the others. I don't see white on the face of any, though I think the level white decreases in winter, so harder to pick out. I'm less confident of picking out juvies, but again none of these seem to stand out as different. If you think any are different and needs a better look, which one(s)?
  13. ID Please

    It could be a herring gull. Do you have a photo in "typical gull pose" where it's not preening?
  14. Southern New England Gulls (C)

    The size is good for ring-billed. This Brant seemed puny, and for some reason he was all alone. It would be a very pale herring gull, but could be, both ring-billed and herring are common here, and both around today, so I didn't look close enough. I'd call this a ring billed based on behavior too. Laughing aren't so common right here at this site, that's why I need help. And the winter gulls could be moving in (Frankilin's and Bonaparts). I've never had a good lesson on telling them apart. I usually just trust whoever I'm with when we see them. In time, I'll feel confident with ID'ing them all.
  15. Southern New England Gulls (B)

    Thanks GreenJay. I'm very familiar with ring billed in all seasons. I'm positive these were not ring-billed.