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  1. I'm so far behind I may have to retire early. DSCN1892 winter wren by Brian Marra, on Flickr
  2. Thanks much. I see the pectorals now (some of the shorter bills turn yellow towards the base). Not sure why I didn't think yellowlegs for the others w/ shorter bills - kept trying to turn them into stilt sandpipers, but it never seemed right.
  3. Really struggling w/ shorebirds this year - thought maybe I learned something last year - obviously not. No matter - Pens are winning - life is good. That said, would love to know what I saw this afternoon - thought I had dowitchers live, but I see others now & I'm good & confused. Central Oklahoma
  4. This morning at Plum Island: #305 - piping plover #306 - white-winged scoter #307 - brant
  5. Thanks all. Really wish just once I could get one of these darn things (and the other scoters, of course) in decent light from a distance that less than a football field. Oh well - there's always next year.
  6. Plum Island (NE Mass) this morning. Looks like the right shape for scoter, but somehow the pic captured no color. What did I see?
  7. DSCN1644 red-shouldered hawk by Brian Marra, on Flickr
  8. DSCN1710 common loons by Brian Marra, on Flickr
  9. DSCN1765 white-tailed deer by Brian Marra, on Flickr
  10. DSCN1936 tufted titmouse by Brian Marra, on Flickr DSCN1932 eastern phoebe by Brian Marra, on Flickr
  11. #300 - american golden plover - not the best pics, but given the distance & the lighting, I'll take it. (plus, who could complain about a lifer?) DSCN2559 by Brian Marra, on Flickr DSCN2610 by Brian Marra, on Flickr
  12. DSCN1290 downy woodpecker by Brian Marra, on Flickr DSCN1239 song sparrow by Brian Marra, on Flickr
  13. #299 - long-eared owl. Sorry about the crummy photo, but I didn't feel comfortable trying to get any closer to them. Of course 30 minutes or so later, I tried to re-locate from a similar safe distance & there was a human standing where they were roosting.
  14. DSCN0929 brown creeper by Brian Marra, on Flickr DSCN0839 great horned owl by Brian Marra, on Flickr
  15. DSCN0249 eastern fox squirrel by Brian Marra, on Flickr