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  1. Fall Migration

    I think my ruby-throats left. I have not seen one in 2 days. It will be another month before I start seeing white-throated sparrows here. I have not seen a grosbeak yet.
  2. Fall Migration

    Thanks for sharing that hummingbird video Dred! That is awesome! I only have three or four hummingbirds where I live in the woods so I usually only see one hummingbird at a time on my feeder. Occasionally I will see a battle between two or three of them but my numbers are always very low each year.
  3. Fall Migration

    Awesome! How do you tell if that's a male or female? Sure seems early
  4. Fall Migration

    It is that time of year again when birds start moving out and moving into new areas. It is neat to see the hummingbirds stock up on nectar and take off as well as the rose-breasted grosbeaks come through from up North heading to South America. I also like to see the white-throated sparrows, american goldfinches and pine siskins come to Alabama from the North in late Fall and early Winter. Please post when you see a species leave or a new one come into your area because it makes for great discussion on their behavior, what you like about them, what they like to eat, etc. With that said, no species has left or showed up yet but I will keep you posted.
  5. Well the squirrels have been losing the battle now for almost 2 weeks. The squirrel proof bird feeder that I purchased has been totally squirrel proof and I think the squirrels have given up for the time being. If anyone is interested in the brand of bird feeder that has been working for me, I have posted it below. I'm probably going to buy another one and get rid of my hopper style feeders that I have been using for years. I just need to get one of the fancy squirrel proof suet cages also. Still looking forward to Fall migration. Should start during September. https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/audubon-vista-squirrel-resistant-bird-feeder/0000000204404?bc=11232|11304|11307
  6. The bird feeder company would not cover the damage so I resorted to making the repairs myself. I super glued a new piece of plexiglass to the inside of the feeder to fix the hole and then I took it apart to bend everything back as close to original as possible. I still have some cracks in the glass but that's not a huge deal. I placed a large bicycle hanger into my deck post where it was hanging before and hung the feeder so there is no way that the squirrels can tear down the feeder now (famous last words). We'll just have to wait and see how good the feeder is at keeping squirrels out of it? I gave up on the pepper spray because it wasn't even phasing the squirrels. If I do pepper spray sometime in the future, I will try much hotter peppers. I will report back on how it is working and take a picture of the set up I'm using and a picture of the pole I'm using to take the feeder up and down off the hanger. Let's hope that this set up will put squirrels in their place before fall migration starts.
  7. Well... The squirrels are winning the battle so far. I purchased a very well made squirrel proof feeder a couple of weeks ago online and it was working great. However, the squirrels figured out how to bite the parachute cord that was holding the feeder in place and the feeder fell to the ground an broke. So now I have a new squirrel proof feeder with cracked glass and a feeding port that is bent up on one side and doesn't work.. I email the company to see if they would help me out on a new one and I'm figuring out how to mount the feeder so that there is nothing the squirrels can do to cut the feeder free. I also have two small raccoons that are wrestling around with the feeder trying to get it open. The battle is not over yet. I will keep you posted on whether the varmints win or i win.
  8. That's great! You had a lot of success this year and I can tell it has been raining at your house from the green grass and clippings on the ground. I only had 6 bluebirds this year but that's a lot better than 0 like last year! There has been no activity at the box since the second brood so I think this year is done. I have seen the male and female with the one chick several times in the last week.
  9. I think it is way too hot for them to start brood #3 at my yard. I'm just waiting on the Fall migration now after the next 6-8 weeks of dog days.
  10. It's like crickets are chirping. No one is on the forums! Third nest not started.... yet. It may be just 2 broods this year.
  11. My bluebirds are thinking about starting a new nest and third brood. The male and female have shown back up and the male was sitting on top of the box this morning. I sprayed it out real good with my water hose because some small ants decided they wanted to use the box. Now that the box is clean, dry and empty I expect some action by the end of the weekend!
  12. Yeah... The squirrels have been sitting in the pepper sprayed seeds and on the pepper sprayed bird feeder and they are not even phased by it. I know the solution is very hot because I can feel it on my skin when I spray it so I know its spicy. Perhaps I'll try some even hotter peppers like ghost peppers or Carolina Reapers? You have to handle them with gloves on.
  13. So far the pepper spray is not working. I had two juvenile squirrels on my feeders when I woke up this morning. I sprayed the pepper spray on the feeders again to see if it does any better today. I was hoping this might end my squirrel problems.
  14. Good news! My single chick fledged this weekend! So I did have one Chick survive after all! Hopefully they will start a third brood with more success!
  15. Beautiful shot!