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  1. Pileated Woodpecker

    Thanks for the tip... I have a lot of suet out so I get bluebirds, phoebes, mockingbirds, warblers, etc. and smaller woodpeckers. The idea of nailing a suet cage to one of my big oak trees is a good idea. I'll try it... I hope this is the year that I get a decent camera so I can include more photos. I've been putting it off for 5 years! Maybe 2018 is the year! Thanks again!
  2. Good Morning... I am excited to report that I saw my first Pileated Woodpecker in my neighborhood a couple of days about 3 blocks from my house. I was coming home from running errands and he/she swooped over my car and landed in one of my neighbors trees. I am curious if anyone has an opinion as to the best way to attract one of these beautiful birds into your yard to feed? I've seen post on here before from people that have them feed from the feeders and I will review their post but wanted to open it up again just in case someone has a secret. I think I remember someone indicating that a feeder with a "tail prop"? is very important so the bird can support its weight when feeding. None of my feeders have this feature so maybe that is a start. Thanks for any information. This woodpecker has to be one of the prettiest wild birds in the woods.
  3. Suet blocks

    I have noticed that 2 Pine Warblers have taken to my store bought Suet cakes. I have seen yellow-rumped warblers and Kinglets on my suet before but I think this is the first time I have seen the Pine Warblers. I get my suet from Neighborhood Market Walmart for 84 cents a piece. The birds really like it.
  4. Fall Migration

    I saw my first chipping sparrow yesterday so the different species are trickling in each week.
  5. Fall Migration

    The goldfinches showed up in my yard on Thanksgiving. Just a couple. They went right for the nyjer and started eating. A couple more house finches have moved in. I had one pair that stayed all summer so now they have some competition and they have started fussing with the newcomers.
  6. Fall Migration

    Nice Misspt! The juncos arrived yesterday in my back yard! They are hopping around in all the leaves that have fallen trying to find something to snack on. They seem to be right on track because it was the second week of November when they arrived last year. Still no white-throats.
  7. Fall Migration

    It slows down for me every fall but then really picks back up once the cold temperatures of Winter settle in. The birds seem to have more to eat during fall harvest season with all of the acorns and other nuts and seeds that are falling off the trees this time of year. Usually by mid December they are emptying out my BOSS feeder every week. Good luck! I went out on to IBird and checked and it seems like quite a few migratory species are getting very close to me here in Central Alabama so I've got a watch out for them. I haven't seen an American goldfinch yet but I expect one to show up any day.
  8. Fall Migration

    Not as much bird activity for me the last several weeks. My neighborhood birds (cardinals, titmice, chickadees, downys, phoebes, car. wrens, nuthatches, house finches) are all still coming around some but no new species from the North so far. I didn't get to see any grosbeaks flying back this Fall. Maybe I'll see some white-throated sparrows and American goldfinches before the end of 2017. I hope this is a year for Pine Siskins to make it down here too!
  9. Birds not eating my Nyger/thistle seed

    There was a conversation about this last year where the conclusion was that when nyjer is not fresh that it dries out and loses the oil that is inside the seed. When this happens, the birds will not eat it since the nourishment value is greatly reduced. Several people on here stated that they always buy their nyjer from a place that sells a lot of it to try to make sure that what they are buying is as fresh as possible. I hope this helps. I'll try to repost that thread.
  10. Fall Migration

    I think my ruby-throats left. I have not seen one in 2 days. It will be another month before I start seeing white-throated sparrows here. I have not seen a grosbeak yet.
  11. Fall Migration

    Thanks for sharing that hummingbird video Dred! That is awesome! I only have three or four hummingbirds where I live in the woods so I usually only see one hummingbird at a time on my feeder. Occasionally I will see a battle between two or three of them but my numbers are always very low each year.
  12. Fall Migration

    Awesome! How do you tell if that's a male or female? Sure seems early
  13. Fall Migration

    It is that time of year again when birds start moving out and moving into new areas. It is neat to see the hummingbirds stock up on nectar and take off as well as the rose-breasted grosbeaks come through from up North heading to South America. I also like to see the white-throated sparrows, american goldfinches and pine siskins come to Alabama from the North in late Fall and early Winter. Please post when you see a species leave or a new one come into your area because it makes for great discussion on their behavior, what you like about them, what they like to eat, etc. With that said, no species has left or showed up yet but I will keep you posted.
  14. Well the squirrels have been losing the battle now for almost 2 weeks. The squirrel proof bird feeder that I purchased has been totally squirrel proof and I think the squirrels have given up for the time being. If anyone is interested in the brand of bird feeder that has been working for me, I have posted it below. I'm probably going to buy another one and get rid of my hopper style feeders that I have been using for years. I just need to get one of the fancy squirrel proof suet cages also. Still looking forward to Fall migration. Should start during September. https://www.fleetfarm.com/detail/audubon-vista-squirrel-resistant-bird-feeder/0000000204404?bc=11232|11304|11307
  15. The bird feeder company would not cover the damage so I resorted to making the repairs myself. I super glued a new piece of plexiglass to the inside of the feeder to fix the hole and then I took it apart to bend everything back as close to original as possible. I still have some cracks in the glass but that's not a huge deal. I placed a large bicycle hanger into my deck post where it was hanging before and hung the feeder so there is no way that the squirrels can tear down the feeder now (famous last words). We'll just have to wait and see how good the feeder is at keeping squirrels out of it? I gave up on the pepper spray because it wasn't even phasing the squirrels. If I do pepper spray sometime in the future, I will try much hotter peppers. I will report back on how it is working and take a picture of the set up I'm using and a picture of the pole I'm using to take the feeder up and down off the hanger. Let's hope that this set up will put squirrels in their place before fall migration starts.