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  1. My bluebirds still have not even built the nest yet. They hang out at the bluebird box and go in and out of it but so far there is only one piece of straw in it. I'm still hoping they are going to build a nest and raise a clutch. We'll see!
  2. The 2017 migration map is out. That cold snap we had earlier this week did not seem to deter the hummers. They are 2-3 weeks ahead of where they were last year at this time. Get the feeders out!
  3. Thanks for posting that Chaseman... I am wondering if the birds that killed my baby bluebirds last year could have been House Wrens? I have a ton of Carolina Wrens but I guess they don't pillage bluebird boxes like the House Wren does. I have not seen any HOSP on my property but I know we have a lot of them in the city. I will try to watch closely again this year to see if any other bird goes into my bluebird boxes. I had a Downy try to start using a tiny little chickadee house I have in the front yard! Her head was hanging out of the entry hole while she was sitting in the house! It was hilarious... I have to get a decent camera one day!
  4. My pair have just started adding some pine straw this weekend. They seemed to like the box mounted on the pole rather than mounted to the tree. They prefer 360 degree line of sight over the 180 degrees they get with the box being mounted on the tree. I also added a rodent/snake baffle to the pole. I'll send a picture of it. The funniest thing is they actually started landing on it and going into it within 30 minutes of me putting it up. Like they were waiting on me to improve it! Hilarious!
  5. I wanted to let everyone know that I have kept my food out, cleaned my feeders, stayed patient and many of my birds are back! For everyone that thinks your birds are not coming back... they will. I have added a second thistle feeder now because I have about 30 American Goldfinches now. The only birds that are not back are the Pine Siskins and my friend from Canada educated me that they will not come this far south this year. I have a pair of mating Coopers Hawks that keep all the birds on their toes! I can't wait for the rubythroat migration that starts in another month or so. Don't give up if your numbers go down! They'll be back!
  6. My bluebirds didn't make it last year because something kept killing the chicks. I'm going to put my box on a baffled pole this year to see if that will help. I think the bluebirds in our region have been known to start building nests as early as April.
  7. I noticed this warm weekend that we had in the 70s has started some bluebird activity. They are checking out the bluebird boxes in my yard and the neighborhood. I suppose this extremely warm weather has them thinking that we are in April instead of February!
  8. I have a group of about 6-8 American Goldfinches that just showed up and started eating at my feeders now. I'm not sure where they have been or how long they will stay. Still a lot less of them than 3 years ago but at least a few have shown up and are staying around. I suppose there is a still a chance that you could see one before the end of the winter Smo.
  9. Numbers and varieties of migratory song birds are down all across the South.... I've heard it in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana. I thought it was the drought but it may be something totally different. I know it is real because of the difference between this year and 2014 is significant. I figured some organization would study this kind of thing? I haven't seen anything from Cornell on this topic.
  10. So funny! LOL!
  11. I have a question for you all that is related to the "Where Are My Birds" topic. I've continued to wonder why my numbers and varieties are down since late summer so I have had time to think about what some of the reasons might be for the decline. I noticed a pair of Cooper's Hawks getting ready for spring (you know what they do this time of year) but they do not stay on my property so I am not thinking that this is the main issue. The other idea I've had recently is that both of my hopper style feeders have not been cleaned since last Spring and there is some mold and old seed and suet residue on the feeders. Is there a chance that my birds are not coming around as much because of housekeeping issues? Are they thinking my feeders are too dirty for them to eat? Just curious since maybe there is something to this? Thanks!
  12. Hey Jims... My bluejays rarely eat my food either. I've put peanuts out with my cracked corn on the ground and they haven't eaten them. I'm not sure what my bluejays eat but they are eating something other than what I have. I have sunflower seeds, suet, cracked corn, peanuts and thistle seed. My big eaters are cardinals, chickadees, titmice and finches, sparrows. Oh, and my woodpeckers and nuthatches eat often. I just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one that rarely sees the bluejays eat their food. When I put out whole kernel field corn on the ground they seemed to eat it. But I had a problem with squirrels and chipmunks taking over my property. The cracked corn doesn't attract as many chipmunks. They multiply so fast that I had to use a live trap and relocate 48 of them in 2016. You could try whole kernel field corn on a platform that is squirrel and chipmunk resistant? My bluejays really liked it when I put it out.
  13. I wanted to give a complete list of what I have around my feeders and back yard now in central Alabama now that some of the varieties have finally come back and my winter species are coming in. I may or may not get Pine Siskins... They usually are the last to arrive each Winter. Sometimes I do get a Pine Warbler. Maybe you can compare for your region and see the differences? Downy Woodpecker Cardinal Titmouse Chickadee Red-bellied Woodpecker Dark-eyed Junco Mourning Dove White-throated Sparrow Chipping Sparrow Some other kind of Sparrow Carolina Wren Blue Jay House Finch Purple Finch American Goldfinch Yellow-Rumped Warbler Robin Crow Red-winged Blackbird (migration) Ruby-Crowned Kinglet White-breasted Nuthatch Brown-headed Nuthatch Flicker Bluebird Cooper's Hawk Red-Shouldered Hawk? (Some type of medium sized hawk other than a Cooper's)
  14. Finally.... My varieties have started improving! A couple purple finches came to the feeders this morning along with a yellow-rumpled hitting the suet.
  15. Lone stranger...what type of camera did you use on that shot? Excellent detail. I still haven't purchased one.