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  1. GopherGuts

    Water fowls ID please

    Wow. Thanks for quick response.
  2. GopherGuts

    Water fowls ID please

    Strange looking red faced duck hanging with a pair of white ducks? This is from upstate South Carolina. Also grey/blue/tri-color heron? Need expert eyes.
  3. GopherGuts

    At a lost to ID

    Wow! Quick response! After looking the phoebe up in our bird book, you're dead on. Passed over picture in book a dozen times and missed it. Thank you all.
  4. GopherGuts

    At a lost to ID

    Seen upstate South Carolina today, 12/6/2017. About the size of an eastern Towhee. Black head, body brown with white neck\breast. Slight yellow blush on belly. Has thin beak like a wren.
  5. GopherGuts

    Help identify hawk

    Thanks for the ID. We have several feeders just to the left of this guy which has unfortunately attracted some rats. Did see a Cooper's Hawk in the backyard a couple days later chowing down on a rat. Maybe this guy just finished lunch.
  6. GopherGuts

    Help identify hawk

    This showed up in my backyard. Thought Broad-Winged hawk but now not sure. Red-Shoulder hawk though very little red in shoulder. This was in Northern Virginia a couple of weeks ago. Trying to figure out how to attach photo.