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  1. I have no idea what this is help me!

    How are you ruling out other falcons? Where was this taken?
  2. ID Grosbeak

    The streaking on the breast, pink color under the wing, and pale bill make it a rose-breasted grosbeak.
  3. Southern Ontario ID help

    That's a chipping sparrow.
  4. Jerry K

    Make sure to look at all field marks. A yellow-breasted chat would have a much smaller bill, white spectacles, an olive green back, the yellow would go farther down, and the belly would be white below that, would hop rather than walk, would be a good bit smaller, and wouldn't be out in the open, out on the ground.
  5. juvenile brown thrasher?

    Any time a bird is carrying food around, like this one is, it's taking it to nestlings. They often won't go to the nest while someone's around, because they would lead the person right to it. It's best to leave the area immediately, so you don't stress them further, attract other predators, and so the babies can get fed.
  6. Bunting or orange-crowned?

    A bunting would never have a thin, sharp bill. They have a short, thick, conical bill.
  7. Flycatcher like bird?

    Months ago they were migrating south. Now they're heading back north. You are in their breeding range.
  8. Please identify these 2 birds

    They were split, and are now grey-headed swamphens, I believe.
  9. Really bad hawks

    He's been having health issues, and asked to not be tagged about IDs. He hasn't been on Facebook lately.
  10. What type of chicken is this?

    This is a domestic chicken, not related to native prairie chickens.
  11. mystery birds

    All domestic ducks, except Muscovys, are mallards. I don't see any evidence of wild blood in this duck. I'd say it's pure domestic, maybe a mixed breed.
  12. Hooded Merganser?

    You got it!
  13. This bird is gliding, not in a full soar, that's why you aren't seeing the "fingers" in the wings.
  14. Northern Virginia bird help

    I don't see anything that doesn't make this a common. Head shape, bill size and shape, range,and short legs all point to common.
  15. Ring-necked Pheasant