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  1. winter warbler confirmation

    Damn! I have seen OCW a dozen times and have never gotten the ID right Thank you psweet
  2. Austin TX this morning. Keeps visiting my safflower feeder with the finches. Winter nonbreeding plumage on a Nashville warbler?
  3. Long billed shorebird

    Thank you! When I tried judging by how many head lengths fit in the bill lengths this guy seemed between the two. Much appreciated!
  4. Long billed shorebird

    Palacios TX over Thanksgiving. I can’t tell between whimbrel and long billed curlew. Tips? Thank you!
  5. cooper's or sharpie?

    Well I'm kind of glad to know it's not just me that is having a hard time with this one!
  6. cooper's or sharpie?

    Ahhh. The fence pickets are tall and skinny. 3" instead of 6". Does that change your ID? Thanks everyone for your thoughts!
  7. flycatchers in Colorado

    Thank you!
  8. flycatchers in Colorado

    Hey! I did not realize there were a few more replies. Here is another angle for both.
  9. cooper's or sharpie?

    Austin, TX. 10/16/17, 8:20am. Saw this fella perched on my back fence.
  10. warblerish yeti in colorado

    Thanks y'all!
  11. Saw two flycatchers in Rocky Mountain National Park. August 4. I have my hunches, would love your input. Thanks! flycatcher 1: flycatcher 2:
  12. warblerish yeti in colorado

    The wings aren't too dark?
  13. Fraser, Colorado. August 6, 7pm. Could not get an id or a good pic. Faint eyering, brownish iris, pale legs, darker wings, black stripe underneath with yellow UTC?? An immature or female? More terrible pics available if needed. All of these are same bird. Thanks for your input!
  14. A few birds from Brownsville TX

    Awesome! Thanks for your thoughts. When I input my checklist in ebird, ash-throated was flagged RARE but brown-crested was common, so I assumed BCFL. The kingbird vocalizations were harsh chips, like Couch's to me. Thought a visual might help.
  15. Visited Resaca de la Palma State Park near Brownsville TX on Monday, July 17. Got a few lifers like white-tipped dove, green jay, altamira oriole! Wondering about a couple others that I saw. Can you differentiate a tropical and Couch's kingbird visually, or only by vocalization? I have some ideas of what these are... please share your expertise Thanks!