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  1. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    I do not have s good answer for either of those questions, but it is highly recommended to use off site photo hosting.
  2. Please Read: New Forums - FAQ

    No, this is not likely to be fixed. This is not a photo hosting site and the site owners have decided to allow each person a limited amount of space. As with the vast majority of the users here you will likely need to post your pictures at a photo sharing site and link to them,
  3. Amazon feeder station

    I have almost the exact feeder pole, but we got it from Aldi. I certainly had no issues with it.
  4. Bird at my Feeder in Land O Lakes, florida today

    Welcome to Whatbird! That is a Gray Catbird.
  5. I'm guessing.... Starling???

    Yes, the Starling will get purple later. This is the winter plumage. The main threat they pose to the other birds is that they will eat all of the food before any other birds get to it.
  6. I'm guessing.... Starling???

    Welcome to Whatbird! You got it. European Starling and Mourning Doves.
  7. Are these Golden Finches?

    Welcome to Whatbird! Yes, those are American Goldfinches.
  8. Good Camera For Beginning Birder?

    Welcome to Whatbird! You would be far better off opening a new topic for this. This was last responded to several months ago and new responses may not be seen readily. New posts are seen quite quickly by many people.
  9. Welcome to Whatbird! That looks like an Eastern Bluebird.
  10. Anyone Know What Bird This Is?

    Welcome to Whatbird! Agree with Brown-headed Cowbird. Looks like a female.
  11. Please Help ID These Ducks

    Welcome to Whatbird. I agree with Common Merganser and they are actually fairly common here inn Buffalo.
  12. What birds migrate South in January

    Yes, we have a park here in Buffalo, NY called Tifft Nature Preserve and the first Robin siting there is usually early January. This year it was January 7th, which also happens to be the first ebird report for the location in 2018. With how cold it was the 21st week of January it is not surprising that no reports were submitted earlier than that.
  13. Woodpecker ID

    Agreed and welcome to Whatbird!
  14. OK guys, this topic has really gone way off track here. This was a simple question from a new user about what species his siting was. Please remember that this is the Help Identify topic and I think the identity of this particular bird has been well established. Hijacking this thread top go off on tangents arguing what is and is not extinct (not to mention arguing the definition of extinct) is no way to welcome a new user. Let's back off a bit and not get this thread locked. Thank You.
  15. Canada Goose or Cackling Goose?

    Agree with Canada