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  1. I need help

    Welcome to Whatbird! That is a European Starling in non-breeding (winter) plumage.
  2. American Robin

    Without a doubt.
  3. Help Identifying, Please

    Welcome to Whatbird! That is actually a European Starling.
  4. Photo Sharing size limit

    The vast majority of pictures here are actually hosted at photo sharing sites like imgur and flickr and then linked to.
  5. What bird is this?

    Agree with Wood Stork and the Welcome to Whatbird!
  6. finch??

    Agree with American Goldfinch
  7. Please ID this bird.

    Welcome to Whatbird! That is an American Robin
  8. attachment overload

    Yes, as long as you are linking from an outside site you can post as much as you wish to. Doing it that way does not store any images on Whatbird.
  9. attachment overload

    There is no way that I am aware of for a user to delete posts or attachments.
  10. Please see the post right above yours. All users eventually have to use offsite photo hosting. This is not a photo hosting site and there is very limited space for each user.
  11. attachment overload

    Just like everyone else here you are going to have to start using off-site storage for your photos and linking them here. Imgur and flickr are two good ones to use. You can also then just insert the BBCode here and the picture will show up in the body of your post.
  12. ID Help, Please

  13. I need help identifying this bird

    Welcome to Whatbird! Those are Evening Grosbeaks. Nice pictures!
  14. Is this a type of sparrow?

    Welcome to Whatbird! That is a Scaly-breasted Munia, also known as a Nutmeg Mannikin. It is a non-native bird that has established itself in some areas of California.
  15. Black and White Warbler?

    Welcome to Whatbird! Your picture did not attach, but Black and White Warbler sounds reasonable.