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  1. Another Need I.D. Help

    I don't know if they'd breed these. I was also wondering if his friend has American Woodcocks, but the picture came from somewhere else.
  2. ID/Confirm

    The mask appears to include the entire eye, and there's no white above it. Also, the location strongly favors Loggerhead. 2. Yes, immature Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.
  3. Another Need I.D. Help

    That's not an American Woodcock. Did you by any chance take this somewhere in Europe? It's a Eurasian Woodcock, which would be an exceptionally rare vagrant in Missouri.
  4. Immature Red Tailed Hawk?

    Don't suppose you got a shot of the whole bird? This looks like a Wilson's Snipe, but I think I'd want to see a bit more to be sure.
  5. Mystery bird, WA

    I was wondering about the range of Black Phoebes.
  6. Mallard (Mexican Integrate)

    He seems a bit chesty -- my first thought would be domestic ancestry. More generally, I'm not sure how you'd distinguish between the two for sure.
  7. Northern Shoveler?

    Welcome to Whatbird! That does look like a Northern Shoveler. (Unless it's some other species of shoveler that someone released...)
  8. Warblers/Vireos

    I think these are all Pine Warblers. The first two shots show a bird with white undertail coverts -- that doesn't fit Orange-crowned. There also appears to be white in the outer tail feathers, another problem for Orange-crowned. The bright ones are indeed all Pine Warblers.
  9. Mystery bird, WA

    Other possibilities might be Black Phoebe or Brewer's Blackbird.
  10. Not sure.....

    I haven't had any luck finding that info out, either.
  11. Not sure.....

    Looks like a young male Brewer's Blackbird.
  12. Female Yellow Rumped Warbler?

    I'm not so sure about the subspecies. The throat seems to wrap around behind the auriculars here -- that's a Myrtle trait, which should be the expected one in the Houston area.
  13. Summer tanager?

    Certainly looks like it.
  14. Socal Shorebird

    These are Dowitchers.
  15. Female Yellow Rumped Warbler?

    This is a Yellow-rumped Warbler.