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  1. The duck looks like a hybrid (Mallard X Mottled, or perhaps a domestic cross, or perhaps all three?). On Jan. 31, there shouldn't be any ducks molting at all, let alone into eclipse plumage.
  2. Allen's or Calliope?

    There really isn't much rufous, and I don't see any in the tail. There doesn't seem to be the green smudges of an Anna's, either. Perhaps a female Black-chinned?
  3. Pewee or Acadian ?

    Very gray, with long primaries, looks like a Pewee to me.
  4. TERNS!!!

    I thought about Gull-billed for #5, but I think the bill shape's due to foreshortening. The back looks a bit dark and I'm not sure the wing pattern's right for Gull-billed. But it's definitely the one I'm least certain about.
  5. is this a willow flycatcher?

    How are you ruling out Alder?
  6. Confirm Phalarope

    Yes, it is.
  7. Warbler & Swallow?

    Yellow Warbler and Barn Swallow. Barn Swallow is our only swallow with those white spots in the tail.
  8. Shorebird identification help

    Looks like Least Sandpipers.
  9. tern species?

    With that head pattern, looks like a Forster's.
  10. Indigo bunting?

    Looks like a young Cowbird to me.
  11. Sparrow of some type?

    This is a Bobolink. If it was singing, it's probably a male that's molted into its winter plumage.
  12. Please ID Swallows

    These are all youngsters -- they take a while to acquire the long tail.
  13. ID by bird call

    It sounds to me like a young hawk, but it wouldn't surprise me if those are Blue Jays -- they do some amazing mimicry of raptors.
  14. Welcome to Whatbird! This sounds like one of the sparrows -- what sort of habitat are they in? Desert scrub, Oak-Juniper, etc.