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  1. I'm not seeing any specific characters of Bullock's. It's an odd mix, but I think Astrobirder's probably right.
  2. Black-capped and California (and a couple found even farther south) both have black heads (males, anyways) but they lack the full eye-ring.
  3. Looks right for a leucistic Evening Grosbeak. Take away the melanin, and all you have left is the yellow. Neat!
  4. Yep!
  5. Out-of-range or not, this is a Black-tailed. The undertail pattern is diagnostic.
  6. Looks like a Mottled Duck.
  7. The photo doesn't seem to have gotten here, I'm afraid.
  8. This is a Seaside Sparrow.
  9. The lores look dark and the crown looks darker than the back. Those both suggest Philadelphia. If it's coming up rare on e-bird, that's probably a date issue -- you're smack in the middle of the migration path.
  10. This is a Semipalmated -- the pale panel on the wing coverts is made up of last year's very worn feathers, so he's still molting.
  11. While it's hard to say exactly what color the underside is, it's possible to see that the color of the throat extends well down onto the breast, which doesn't fit a Red-breasted. The apparent eye-stripe is very ill-defined, more like a shadow than a Red-breasted face.
  12. Looks like Prionoxystus robiniae – Carpenterworm Moth. Surprisingly, these are still considered "micromoths" since they're not in the group Macrolepidoptera.
  13. Wow, two first state records!
  14. Olive-sided Flycatchers are late migrants. If you check June you'll probably see some more.
  15. I could see the first bird as a grebe, with the white in the wings, but that's a wild guess.