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  1. Looks more like a Red-eyed Vireo.
  2. warbling vireo?

    This looks fine for a Warbling Vireo to me. The dark loral area isn't broad or heavy enough for a Philadelphia, and what yellow we can see looks like it's on the flanks.
  3. South TX: Swallows

    1. Barn Swallow 2. Pyrrhonota sp. I'm thinking Cliff based on the 2nd from the top, but I certainly can't rule out Cave for any of these.
  4. Red Necked Grebe?

    The first bird looks like an Eared -- the bill is upturned, and the head is peaked in the first shot. The last one looks good for Horned, with the straighter bill and long, flat head.
  5. Two hawks in flight in MS

    Agree with Broad-winged for the first. The other two are young Red-shouldered. The tails are too short for Coop, and the tail pattern's not right. The streaks below are very blobby, and there are only 5 fingers on the flying bird. (Accips have 6.)
  6. Bird IDs via Description

    Flycatchers are difficult enough from photos -- I wouldn't want to try to call this one. For the hawk, Red-tail sounds fine to me -- there's an awful lot of variation in them, and the youngsters are migrating right now. But there's not enough detail in the description to say for sure.
  7. Flycatcher

    I suppose that the eye-ring could wear smooth. A key feature for telling YB vs. Western is the pale edging on the base of the secondaries. If you have a really good shot of the wing that's the thing to look for.
  8. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    Actually, looking at that map, Chipperatl, if you were to upload this shot to Bugguide, you'd have their first record for Michigan.
  9. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    No, I think I've photographed one of the derbids, but not this one. Those Bugguide ranges are based solely on images submitted to Bugguide, so for obscure or hard to spot critters like this, they're very incomplete. I generally don't rule out a species for Illinois unless they show no states nearby and they have plenty of images.
  10. Warblers - Western Mass

    I'd say you're right, looking again what I thought was a bit of a wingbar is a twig in front of the bird.
  11. Florida Hawk

    Looks like a juvenile Red-shouldered. The secondaries appear to be distinctly barred above, which a Broad-wing shouldn't show at any age.
  12. White wings, black spots "fly" - SW MI 9/18

    Euklastus harti, one of the Derbid Planthoppers.
  13. Three Fledglings

    #1 and #2 aren't the same bird. #1 has longer undertail coverts leading to a shorter apparent tail, and it's got dark gray legs. #2 has virtually no undertail coverts, looks much fluffier about the head and neck, and has pinkish legs.
  14. Flycatcher

    Yellow-bellied Flycatchers are mis-named. They do have yellow bellies, but as noted so do most of our Empids. Look instead for a yellow throat, just like a Cordilleran. (Actually, visually they are extremely similar.)
  15. Warblers - Western Mass

    #1 I believe it is a Magnolia #2 Yes, Tennessee
  16. golden-plover sp.

    If you ever do find a Golden and want to make sure people believe it, try to get a shot with the wings spread. The wingstripe, rump, and axillaries are all quite distinctive differences between the two.
  17. wilson's VS yellow warblers

    #1 isn't a Yellow, but I'm not convinced it's a Wilson's, either. It looks awfully gray on the face -- perhaps Orange-crowned? The dark underside to the tail rules out Yellow. #2 is a Yellow, since the last shot shows lots of yellow in the tail.
  18. Juniper Titmouse?

    Yes, that looks like a Juniper Titmouse. The Plain Titmouse was split a fair number of years back, into the inland Juniper and the west coast Oak Titmouse.
  19. Waterthrush - Louisiana or Northern?

    I think if you change the photo's name on the Flick'r page, you also change the link. When you load the post, though, you're loading a cached version, so you can still see it.
  20. golden-plover sp.

    Yep, American Golden.
  21. Tern in Mexico

    Yes, Royal.
  22. A few birds from New Mexico

    2 shots of a Canyon Towhee, male Williamson's Sapsucker, Woodhouse's Scrub Jay, and two photos that must have had their names changed, since they're not showing up.
  23. Flying silhouette / Falcon?

    The silhouette is consistent with Prairie Falcon, but if you lighten up the third shot, the face pattern and underwing look better for Peregrine.
  24. Are these jungle babblers?

    I'm afraid you have more experience in Asia than most of the posters in this particular forum -- it's primarily North American. We do have a Birds of the World forum -- you could repost this here, or one of the moderators might be able to move the post for you.
  25. Grand Canyon - four birds

    #1 -- juvenile Chipping Sparrow. #4 (since they're out of order) Western Bluebird. A bit too much pattern on the head for Mountain. #2 Rock Wren #3 House Wren