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  1. two kinds of thrashers ... same tree

    I'm pretty sure that first one is a Curved-bill Thrasher. Could be wrong so I'll wait for the experts to confirm.
  2. Purple Finch, right?

    The bane of my birding existence. Always, ALWAYS a House Finch for me. Just yesterday I had to rescue a House Finch from my wood stove. I haven't been using it (over 60 ͦ today). And I won't until I can get a screen over the stove pipe. This is the second bird that has been trapped in the stove. It would kill me if I caused harm to one of my little sweeties. One day, ONE DAY it will be a Purple Finch and I will die a happy man. When I let the Finch out it flew to the top of my curtains and scolded me. He/she chirped at me for several minutes then flew out the front door.
  3. Type of Bird

    If you don't mind can you give a location and time of year? Thank you.
  4. Raven and something else?

    Now THAT is a big bird. O.O
  5. Never saw this before ...

    That is a gorgeous bird.
  6. What is your favorite bird?

    We all have our preferences. I would love to know what your favorite bird is and what makes it your favorite. Oddly enough mine is the Mourning Dove. It reminds me of my childhood. Growing up on a farm we had tons of crops. The Mourning Doves would flock to the fields and eat their fill. I used to run through them just to hear the sound they make when they take flight. Their sad call was something my friends and I would imitate blowing through cupped hands. I got pretty good at it. These days I hear it rarely and it has become a nostalgic sound full of memories and wonder. So what is your favorite?
  7. My house burned down

    I haven't been back to the house since it burned. The trauma and smoke exposure made me very ill. I was in the hospital for over a week. It's been very hard on me. Thank you everyone for being so kind. Here are a couple of photos to show what's left of 40 years of my life. At the "new" house I saw a Stellar Jay yesterday and I had a Flicker get stuck in my wood stove. Took me forever to get it out. I see it every now and then keeping an eye on me. Pretty sure it was a red-shafted. It's bird heaven over here.
  8. Vocalizations from New Mexico

    Sounds like a Chipping Sparrow to me. But I'm no expert. I'll wait for the experts to poo-poo my identification.
  9. Anaheim CA Hummingbird

    Yeah but I'm in boring old NW New Mexico.
  10. Confirmation

  11. Anaheim CA Hummingbird

    California has all the best hummingbirds. ::jealous::
  12. My house burned down

    Thank you all. My brother is a great guy. They supplied furniture, dishes, food, clothing and this computer. Changed my tears of sorrow to tears of love and gratitude. I have a wonderful family.
  13. My house burned down

    I've been crying since Sunday when it happened. 40 years of memories gone. My brother moved me into the house they just vacated because he built a new one. Says its mine and not to worry about anything. Doesn't stop the hurt though. But this house has a lot of trees, flowering bushes and berries. Birds galore. So I do have a tiny silver lining. Plus I had been fighting with the insurance over water damage and they dropped me just before this happened. So... no insurance. I was in the process of getting a new policy. If it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all. :/
  14. And being the silly old fart that I am I have been lamenting more over my chipping sparrow home loss than losing everything that I own. I'm so weird.
  15. Grand Canyon mystery

    Very vocal and inquisitive birds. Locally we call them Piñon Jacks. They have a habit of stealing items. I love their call. It's not pretty but it's distinct and tugs at my nostalgic heart strings. I'm a native New Mexican and a purist. We use the Spanish spelling, "Piñon" My feathers get a little ruffled when I see Pinyon. lol But I'm silly like that. Anyway, one of my favorite birds. Great captures.