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  1. European Starlings

    Count your blessings if they were just moving through. My least favorite bird.
  2. Whatbird's Old Birders!

    Yay! There are still some old people hanging around. Insurance, what fun (not)!
  3. Help Please

    Thinking Orange-crowned Warbler and Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Thanks for your help as always!
  4. Not sure

    Not quite sure who it is that stopped by today. Thanks for your help!
  5. Drying feeders

  6. Fall Migration

    I'm not sure exactly how to tell. Males almost always arrive first. I thought it was pretty early too, but looking at past years they usually start showing up right after the 20th. It's really only about a week early.
  7. Fall Migration

    Been a little different this week after Irma blew through. Things are still a mess. It was almost entertaining watching the hummers try and land on the feeders with the winds that we had, but they hung in there and made it through. Numbers are increasing daily. Looked out earlier and look what I found! They're back!!!
  8. Well, I guess the Bluebird nesting season has come to a close. No new posts for a while, everyone must have empty nest boxes. Love watching all of the babies from this year continue to come back.
  9. Brood #3 fledged today, but not without its share of drama. Baby #1 made a successful flight 100 ft across the yard into the trees. Yay! However, about 3 minutes later it decided to follow Mom and Dad to the feeders. Not knowing how or where to land on the feeder poles, it eventually dropped to the ground. Oh no. Mom quickly grabbed some worms and headed to the nest box as if to tell the other two to stay put for a minute, they had an issue they were dealing with. Dad was his normal watchful self, and dive bombed any Blue Jays that came too close. After about 10 minutes the baby gathered up enough strength to once again fly to the trees. Yay again. Right after that Baby #2 fledged. This flight was only about 40 ft and he landed in the yard under the feeders. Oh no, again. While this was going on, #3 was popping its head out, so I knew it wouldn't be long. I look at #2 and see out of the corner of my eye #3 leave. Successful flight to the trees. Yay. When I look back, #2 is gone, so I assume he made it to the trees when I wasn't looking. About 10 minutes later I realize #2 only made it up as far as a feeder, and is sitting on the tray, terrified by every bird that lands near it. It sits there for a good 30 minutes, and finally flies to the trees. Whew! As a group, I give them a 4 out of 10 on their fledge. I hope that isn't any indication of how successful their life will be in the wild. This year we successfully fledged 13 Bluebird babies. Of the prior 10, a group of 8 was at the feeders last night, with a group of 6 returning this morning. So nice to see them continue to return. Baby #2 Fledge landing Baby #2 Second landing
  10. I feed mine roasted peanuts and have for years. We go through a ton of them. I am careful to make sure I get the unsalted ones. Did you perhaps get salted and that is what they are rejecting?
  11. I know, where is everyone? We are about a week from fledging our third brood.
  12. We have a hatch on brood #3! Just three this time, and with the heat we are having, I'm glad.
  13. Hawk ID

    Thanks. I thought Cooper's had a dark cap and pale nape. This one had no color variation, which I'm more used to seeing on Sharp-shinned.
  14. Hawk ID

    This guy caught my attention when he swiped a bird off the feeder. But what really caught my eye was that he looks to me like a Sharp-shinned and not a Cooper's. I'm probably wrong, as Sharp-shinned would be rare for here now. Thanks for your help!
  15. I don't do a thorough cleaning after each nest, but that's because it isn't necessary. I have 3 boxes out, and they use a different one for each nest. My female usually takes a few days after a fledge before starting her next nest, so you should have time. Taking it down for a few days should discourage the House Wrens too. As you probably know, the problem with House Wrens is that they will attack both eggs and hatchlings of Bluebirds. Good luck trying to get them to peacefully coexist.