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  1. I believe this is a Semipalmated Sandpiper, seen today in Alviso (Santa Clara County), CA. Western is the common peep here, but we do get a few SESA occasionally, particularly in the Fall. Short, blunt, not decurved bill, black legs, suggests SESA. Thanks for your help.
  2. Horned Larks

    Thanks. When they first caught my eye I thought they were Pipits, which of course, won't be around here for another two months.
  3. Horned Larks

    I believe these are young Horned Larks. I don't recall seeing Horned Larks that looked like this before, so wanted a confirmation. Seen today in Alameda County, CA.
  4. Strange Gull

    I considered Ring-billed, too, but the bill looks to large and also appears to be the wrong shape. Agree that the bill is probably covered in mud, thus the dark color.
  5. Strange Gull

    I saw this gull yesterday at Palo Alto Baylands, CA. Location and time of year strongly suggest California Gull, but the pale eye, dark bill and bill shape have me totally confused. Thanks for your help.
  6. I was wondering if these two birds can be confirmed as either Rufous or Broad-tailed. They were both seen last weekend in Mono County, where the range of Broad-tailed extends but where Rufous is the more expected species. Sor A. Rail was kind enough to offer an opinion, Broad -tailed for the first and possibly Rufous for the second, but we're both looking for confirmations. I have only seen Broad-tailed in Arizona, so it would be a home state bird for me. Thanks for your help. Bird #1 Bird #2
  7. Hummer IDs

    Yes, I was hoping for additional confirmation. This thread has been up for a few days...I wonder if that means the IDs can't be confirmed by the photos?
  8. Hummer IDs

    I'm from San Jose, and I've only seen Broad-tailed in Arizona. eBird considers them rare for Mono County. It would be great if either of these could be confirmed as Broad-tailed. Here are additional photos of bird #1 and #2 if that helps. Thanks again.
  9. Hummer IDs

    I'm leaning Rufous on the second one, because that's the expected species in the area. But I'd like a confirmation of Broad-tailed. That would be a state bird for me.
  10. Hummer IDs

    Both seen today in Mono County, CA. Thanks.
  11. California Gull?

    The leg color is also a bit off. I would expect an adult in June to have yellow legs. Or perhaps my color perception is a bit off.
  12. This bird was seen today at Don Edwards NWR in Santa Clara County (CA). It was by itself, not associating with any other gulls, most of which were California Gulls. It's behavior and the slightly pale eye have me confused.
  13. Hammond's or Dusky

    Thanks everyone. I suspected the photo didn't show enough.
  14. Saw this empid yesterday in the mountains just west of Lake Tahoe. The long(ish) primary projections has me thinking Hammond's here. The bird did not vocalize, and both Dusky and Hammond's are fairly common in this area. Sorry for the poor photo.